How are you currently managing incoming calls to your business?

Do you take care of them yourself? Share with the rest of the office?

What happens if nobody’s available to take a call?

Too many small businesses don’t have a solid strategy for dealing with calls. This can result in lost sales and poor customer impressions.

Button on Modern Computer Keyboard: "Live Support"

Using a live answering service is an easy, affordable way to get your customer service back on track.

Provide Professional Customer Service

Good customer service is vital to any business that wants to be successful.

If your customers are reaching an unqualified member of office staff – or worse, an answering machine – they’ll instantly have a poor impression of your business.

When you hire a good live answering service, there’ll be fully trained members of staff ready to respond to calls 24/7.

Your customers will know that they’re dealing with a reliable, professional company, and you won’t have to worry about being constantly on call.

Reduce Wait Time for Callers

Is there anything worse than half an hour spent listening to elevator music while on hold?

Probably not.

Research shows that nearly 60 percent of customers believe that even one-minute is too long to be on hold. That’s a pretty scary statistic for any business that struggles to man the phones.

Hiring an answering service guarantees instant access for customers, with no more frustration over wasted time. This shows that you’re professional and dependable, rather than unreliable and understaffed.

You’ll be less likely to lose customers, and more likely to make a good impression on first-time callers.

Respond to Calls Outside Business Hours

How do you cope when someone calls at 1 am with questions about your services?

Do you wait until morning to respond? Or force an unfortunate staff member to stay ‘on call’ throughout the night?

Trying to deal with out of hours calls is expensive and inconvenient, and often results in poor service for callers.

When you use a dedicated answering service, there’ll be staff available at all times to take calls in a swift, professional way. Say goodbye to losing that customer that always calls after midnight, and hello to being the most dependable provider in the business.

Save Time and Money on Admin Tasks

Do you currently hire a receptionist to direct calls to the right people?

This is an expensive way to solve a simple problem and isn’t the best use of your budget.

Using an answering service means that all calls will be directed quickly and efficiently, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a member of staff in-house.

Why Use a Live Answering Service?

Are you tired of looking for ways to deal with difficult phone calls at inconvenient times?

Making use of a live answering service allows you to respond to 100% of calls in a prompt, professional manner. You’ll make a great impression on new clients, and won’t see any leads lost due to poor customer service.

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