APIs Allow Us To Do A Lot More Than Just Answer Phones

Our software works behind the scenes using APIs to integrate with your CRM, ticketing software, scheduling programs, etc.

Our Call Center Software Can Integrate Seamlessly With Your Business Software Via APIs

AnswerFirst’s Express API Integrations

Create Records Including Contacts, Leads, Appointments & More

Our Express API Integrations are an affordable way for us to connect our answering service software directly to your business software.  This connection allows our Customer Service Professionals to securely create new records in your software.  Express API Integrations are simple to set-up so they don’t take long to implement and they are an affordable option.

However, these integrations are somewhat limited in functionality because they only allow us to create new records in your business software. This type of integration will not allow us to pull data from your software or edit existing records.

Examples of Express API Integrations

  • Create A New Contact In Your CRM – Hubspot, SalesForce, Solve360, Zoho, Lexicata, Agile, Law Ruler & More
  • Create A New Ticket In Your Helpdesk Software – ZenDesk, ServiceNow, AutoTask, JIRA, RazorSync, Kayako, FreshDesk, CoStrategix & More

We currently have hundreds of different Express API Integrations available. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can integrate with your software, click the button below and complete the form.

Which API Integration Is Right For You?

Express API Integration Full API Integration
  • Software Connection Documentation and Access: Keys or tokens provided by the software provider.
  • Time and Knowledge: A few meetings & discussions are required to understand data needs, has limited integration capabilities.
  • Client must provide technical personnel with working knowledge of the software to meet with and assist AnswerFirst’s Scripting Team during the initial buildout.
  • Software Connection Documentation and Access: Keys or tokens provided by the software provider.
  • Time and Knowledge: Multiple meetings & discussions are required both initially and ongoing to understand data needs, has strong integration capabilities.
  • Client must provide technical personnel with advanced knowledge of both the software and API functions to meet with and assist AnswerFirst’s Scripting Team during and after the initial buildout.
  • This type of integration provides limited capabilities.
  • One-way pushing of data.
  • Common uses include:
    • Creating contacts in a CRM
    • Opening Trouble Tickets
    • Posting to Social Media Feeds
    • Sending Formatted Emails
    • Sending Webhooks.
  • This type of integration provides robust capabilities.
  • One or two-way movement (pushing and/or pulling) of data.
  • Common uses include but are not limited to:
    • Accessing personnel’s availability and scheduling appointments, meetings, or service calls.
    • Accessing existing trouble tickets, updating, escalating, and resolving.
    • Updating On-Call Schedules and Personnel
    • Booking Rentals
    • Online Purchases and Order Fulfillment

Frequently Asked Questions About API Integrations

What is an API?API stands for Application Programming Interface.

In basic terms, an API is a set of rules that allows different programs to talk to each other. For instance, we can use an API to ask a question from our Customer Service Professional (CSP) interface to a program that you use to run your business.

For example, our CSP interface might ask a calendar for very basic information like:

  • Our CSP interface: “Hey Calendar! Does Dr. Smith have anything scheduled for Tuesday afternoon?”
  • Calendar: “Yes, Dr. Smith has appointments at 2:00 and 3:00 on Tuesday afternoon.”

API requests can be much more involved than that and can even include requests for images, video or other more complex types of data. There are thousands of APIs available and more become available as more software solutions are developed.

APIs make your software “talk” to our software, so our Customer Service Professionals never log-in to your software directly. Therefore, your account credentials aren’t shared.

No Training Required
API integrations allow our CSPs to work inside of our platform so there is no need for them to learn how to use your software.

Reduce Errors
Even though our CSPs are using our platform to enter your data into your software, the information goes directly into your database which reduces the potential for errors.

Faster Setup
Without the need to train our CSPs how to use your software, your account can be set-up faster and more affordably.

Yes. Not all APIs are created equal.  Some software may limit the things that can be done via their API and, unfortunately, we have to work within these limitations.

Additionally, creating new records via an API integration is usually a simple process. However, pulling and editing data via API integrations is not as simple to set-up or maintain.

Since these integrations are time consuming to create and maintain they are expensive to implement. For example, a typical Advanced API Integration would be at least $3000 for setup alone.

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