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Our elite team of professional brand ambassadors deliver top-notch customer service experiences to your clients 24/7/365.

What Is A Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is any person who is hired by a company or an organization to promote their products, brand, and services, and ensure that all of these things are viewed in a positive light – with the goal of increasing brand awareness and sales. Essentially, a brand ambassador is an individual who can be a great “face” or “voice” for your company – when talking with customers, the press, potential business partners, and the world-at-large.

A brand ambassador is a spokesperson, who is at once both a highly-skilled professional promoter, and a salesperson.

What Are The Benefits Of Employing Brand Ambassadors?

Are you thinking about using brand ambassadors in your company? Wondering if this is a good way to promote your products and services? Here are a few of the benefits of working with brand ambassadors.

  • Maintain A Consistent Brand Identity

    A brand ambassador can help your brand build a more consistent identity, and attract your target audience. They can help to provide yoru valued clients with consistency from sales to support. By aligning your brand and your brand ambassadors, you can create a more consistent, powerful brand identity – which, in turn, helps boost sales and profits.

  • More Visibility For Your Brand

    Brand ambassadors tend to be highly visible to the public, on websites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and in the local press and other parts of the media. This leads to more visibility for your brand and your products.

  • Humanization Of Your Company

    Nobody likes feeling like they are working with a large “faceless” enterprise. Having a brand ambassador helps humanize your company, and ensures that your customers can relate to your business. This, in turn, builds brand loyalty and relatability.

  • Protect Your Brand’s Reputation

    Brand ambassadors are very helpful for responding to negative feedback and criticism. They can do so in an informed, positive way – which helps show that you care about each of your customers, and want to make things right if something has gone wrong with your products and services.

AnswerFirst Google Reviews

“I had been with another answering service for twenty years prior to signing up with you. They don’t even hold a candle to you. You are great.”

Steven Kollander

“We are very pleased with the service we have received. The entire team at Answer First has been delightful. We are not a large business and do not have a full time weekend staff. This solution allows us to provide service to our clients and callers without the expense of having to staff the office on weekends.”

Tracy Lobertini

“AnswerFirst has been absolutely fantastic to work with! Professional, courteous, and very detail oriented. I’d highly recommend Aimee and her team!”

Matt Lentz

“We have been using AF for a few years now and we love working w/them. They customized our account to fit our special needs from day 1. They respond immediately to any issues and ALWAYS follow through to make sure we are happy w/our service. The staff is professional and we could not ask for better service.”

Teri Bennett

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Our Customer Service Professionals are all U.S. based.

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You are always billed at the lowest rate possible – automatically.

True 24/7/365 Service

No Hidden Fees For 24/7 Coverage

No additional charges for after-hours, weekend and holiday service.

One Second Billing

True One Second Billing

No rounding up to the nearest minute – pay only for what you use.

What Is An Outsourced Brand Ambassador?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. By partnering with AnswerFirst, you can outsource some common tasks of brand ambassadors – and leave them to experienced, highly-qualified individuals, who will answer customer questions, listen with a sympathetic ear, and perform other such crucial support tasks.

Why Should I Use Outsourced Brand Ambassadors?

Naturally, you will always need some brand ambassadors who work directly for your company – but augmenting them with a team of outsourced brand ambassadors can be a great way to expand your services, and your reach. Here are a few benefits of using outsourced brand ambassadors.

Businesswoman dressed in red cape

Benefits of Using AnswerFirst As An Extension Of Your Brand

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  • Spend Less Time Recruiting Brand Ambassadors

    You don’t have to reach out to as many influencers and other individuals to find brand ambassadors. Simply choose to partner with a company like AnswerFirst, who will take care of the rest, by utilizing their highly skilled Customer Service Professionals to further promote and support your brand.

  • Save Time And Money

    At AnswerFirst, you pay only for the services you use. When someone calls an outsourced brand ambassador, you’re billed only for the time they’re on the phone. This helps you save money. And because you do not have to hire and recruit brand ambassadors yourself, you can save time, too!

  • Amazing Flexibility

    With a team of outsourced brand ambassadors from AnswerFirst, you can scale your team of brand ambassadors up – and down – according to your business needs. With our flexible contracts, you’ll always have access to the services your company needs.

Turbocharge your marketing efforts and ensure your customers are always satisfied with your brand and your products.

Trusted by Thousands Of Businesses

Wondering how, exactly, you can make use of a team of outsourced brand ambassadors?

Here are some common tasks that our customers have outsourced to us in the past:

  • Provide answers to FAQs – One of our brand ambassadors can be ready 24/7 to answer your phone calls, emails and chats to provide answers to common customer FAQs about your services and products – from return policies, to product information, appointment scheduling and more. We’ll always be polite and respectful, and give your customers the help they need.
  • Respond to negative feedback – We can respond to negative feedback over SMS, online, and over the phone, accepting the feedback your customers have, and presenting a positive, friendly, and helpful attitude that will help resolve their issues and difficulties.

For more information about our capabilities, and the services we can perform as outsourced brand ambassadors, contact us right away!

Consider The Power Of Outsourced Brand Ambassadors For Your Business!

By using our team of brand ambassadors alongside your own, you can promote your brand, foster more brand loyalty, and appeal to a larger customer base. For more information about what we do, pricing details and more, get in touch with AnswerFirst right away.

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