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Every company should strive to make their call center into a brand ambassador

A brand ambassador embodies all of the values, beliefs and attitudes of the company they are working for. The more effective a company’s inbound call center is, the better their chances are of increasing both brand awareness and sales. Those who want to achieve these goals for their business will need to focus on improving and perfecting how their call centers operate as much as possible.

24/7 Availability

One of the ways in which a company can transform their call center into a brand ambassador is by being available at all times of the day and night. The fact that customers will always be able to reach a real person when they need help with an issue makes customers happy. These days a majority of larger businesses are doing this, so it’s certainly something to consider. If you want people to associate your brand with positive feelings, this is one of the best decisions you can make.

Solving Customers’ Problems Quickly and Effectively

One of the best ways that a call center can act as a brand ambassador is by solving the problems of customers who call in quickly and effectively. Each customer will come away from the interaction with a positive image of the business, which will only help your bottom line. The more effective call center employees are at doing their jobs, the better your company will look as a whole. Remember, consumers judge businesses based on how they treat their customers

Go Above and Beyond

Customer service employees who go above and beyond for the people they are assigned to help will definitely be acting as brand ambassadors. There is nothing that people love more than when someone they are relying on for help with something does more than what is just required. If you want to transform your call center into a brand ambassador, it is important that you impress this upon your call center workers.

Those who get the bare minimum amount of help with their problem may be satisfied, but they certainly aren’t going to rave about the business to others. If you want to get people talking about your company, you will need to make sure that your call center bends over backwards for customers on a regular basis.


While upselling might seem like it’s pretty easy and simple, doing it effectively may be more difficult than you first imagined. This is one good way to turn your call center into a brand ambassador, increasing your revenue significantly. You don’t want the people who work in your call center to be overly pushy or aggressive when upselling. A subtle approach is absolutely necessary when it comes to suggesting other products or services.

If the average person feels like they are being taken advantage of, they will quickly hang up the phone. Employees must carefully listen to the customers who call in so they can make recommendations about additional products or services to help meet their needs.

After Sale Support

Another good way to improve each customer’s impression of your business through the call center is to focus on after-sale support. This is often where customers will judge a business most harshly, so you will therefore need to focus on improving your game as much as possible. The more positive a customer’s experience is with this support, the more likely they are to buy from the company in question.

Building Trust

There is no doubt that building trust is an essential aspect of being an effective brand ambassador. The more a customer trusts a business as a whole, the better the chances will be of them becoming very loyal. People like it when they feel as though they can trust the businesses they buy from, and your call center offers the perfect opportunity for this. If the customer has a really good experience with a call center, trust starts getting established. When customers have repeatedly positive experiences, they typically trust a business completely.

Promoting Special Offers

Anyone who wants to make their call center truly effective as a brand ambassador will need to make a point of promoting any special offers that happen to be going on. You will need to make your customers aware of these offers so they can take advantage of them. Your customers will appreciate the information, and you will benefit by increasing your revenue. This is just one way to make your call center more helpful to customers, which in turn will lead to increased brand awareness and sales.

Ability to Handle Higher Call Volume

A good call center should be prepared to handle a high volume of calls during peak hours to ensure that all customers are taken care of in a timely manner. If it’s one thing that really turns someone off of a business, it is waiting a long time to get the help they need. If your infrastructure or workforce cannot handle higher call volumes then consider using an external inbound contact center to handle overflow.

A Personalized Approach to Selling

Increasing brand awareness as well as sales for a business means taking a targeted approach to selling. The best thing that you can do is to look at past interactions with customers to learn how to engage each customer in a way that will get them to buy whatever you are selling. This personal approach tends to be extremely effective.

Businesses that use general selling techniques don’t have nearly as much success, because not everyone has the same needs. Your customers will also appreciate the personal touch, increasing the chances that they will continue buying from you.

A Kind and Delightful Demeanor

You might be surprised when it comes to how far a kind and delightful demeanor will go with customers, even if it’s just over the phone. The attitude and tone of voice of your call center employees plays a crucial role in what kind of image they form of your business as a whole. The more friendly and affable call center employees are, the better customers tend to feel. Nobody likes dealing with a rude or short-tempered customer representative, so it is important to train the people who operate your business’s call center to be as charming as possible.

Listen to What the Customers Have to Say

Customers love being heard by the businesses they buy things from, so you might want to think about asking each one who calls in for some brief feedback. This feedback can be analyzed and used to make certain improvements that will strengthen your business in a big way.

The overall image of your business’s brand will improve when you actually take the time to listen to your customers on a regular basis. So many people feel ignored by faceless companies, so this method should be very effective at promoting brand awareness.

Improve Agent Training

The better your training is for call center agents, the more effective they will be at being brand ambassadors for your business. Take the time to devise a detailed and well thought out training program that will help you achieve the results you want.

If your goal is to use your call center to increase brand awareness as well as sales, you’ll have to keep in mind that it all starts with employee training. When the agents at the call center receive the proper training, their potential will be maximized.


When you allow your call center agents to be more flexible when dealing with customers, it will improve overall customer experiences. The average customer cannot get enough of businesses that are willing to bend the rules to satisfy their needs once in a while. Flexibility is a very important quality in any customer service representative, because the established rules and policies of a business don’t always make sense.

The key is to hire employees who can be flexible without taking it too far. This will help you to generate a more positive image of your business among the people who buy your products and/or services.

Yes, A Professional Call Center Can Help Grow Your Brand

These days more and more businesses are using their call centers as brand ambassadors because they offer such huge potential.

If you’re struggling to make your own call center an effective ambassador of your brand, or if you’ve partnered with an outside call center that can’t seem to meet your needs, contact us.

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