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Voicemail Services

Combine 24/7 live answering services with interactive voicemail for a completely custom call handling solution.

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Take 24/7 live answering service to the next level with a comprehensive voicemail system that’s tailored to meet callers’ expectations and business needs.

Any of our live answering services can be paired with our interactive voicemail system. Our Voicemail Services are highly customizable and designed to compliment our clients’ live answering protocols and procedures.

You’ll Love Our Features And Pricing

100% U.S. Based

No Overseas Call Centers

Our Customer Service Professionals are all U.S. based.

Volume Discounts

Your Rate Decreases As Usage Increases

You are always billed at the lowest rate possible.

True 24/7/365 Service

No Hidden Fees For 24/7 Coverage

No additional charges for after-hours, weekend and holiday service.

One Second Billing

True One Second Billing

No rounding up to the nearest minute – pay only for what you use.

How Our Voicemail Services Work

Our Voicemail Services are designed to utilize a simple and straightforward process.

Most accounts that utilize our Voicemail Service have our proprietary interactive voicemail system answer their calls on the first ring. Once a call is answered, the caller will hear an announcement. The announcement directs the caller to one of several choices. One of the most popular choices is transferring the caller to one of our experienced Live Operators. Other options include leaving a message in a mailbox or being transferred to a particular extension or number.

If callers are sent to a messaging mailbox, the mailbox can email a .wav file of the voicemail recording. Or, the system can be set up to call or page with a notification of each new message.

When configuring our Voicemail Services to work with our live answering services, there are a variety of unique choices available.

Comparing Different Answering Services?

Choosing the answering service that’s right for your business is a major decision. We’ve prepared a simple checklist you can use to compare services.  Use this free guide to learn what questions you need to ask while shopping.

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Advantages Of Using AnswerFirst Voicemail Services

Increased Productivity

If you haven’t dedicated an in-house team to handle voicemail messaging, then those responsibilities can fall to either the small business owner’s shoulders or an overworked middle manager. When people are forced to take on additional tasks that aren’t related to their job title, and experience, productivity can suffer. Your best people are being pulled away from where they would otherwise shine. Although answering voicemail messages is a crucial part of your business, it’s more productive to make sure that the right, trained people are meeting those needs. If not, your productivity levels will decrease, and your talented employees can quickly begin to feel overwhelmed, and become disengaged with work.

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Lowered Costs and Overhead

So, you might think that hiring an in-house person or team to handle voicemail messages is the solution. Maybe it is, but when you look at the details, it’s probably not optimal. When you hire in-house, you’re looking at fixed costs and increased overhead. During the off-season, slow months, and holidays, you still have to pay that professional their fixed salary. This can impact your bottom line negatively. When you outsource crucial voicemail messaging, you don’t have to consider added fixed costs or increasing your overhead. AnswerFirst voicemail services are variable and tailored to your needs. We’re here when you need us, and standing by when you don’t, without adding to your overhead.

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Add Convenience & Increase Brand Awareness

Add Convenience

Callers can access our Voicemail system 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location in the world. Not only will outsourcing this service lower your overhead costs, but it can also significantly increase your company’s profits. Our Voice Mail Services will enhance your voice message content accuracy, and it will give you the ability to send different types of messages to your valued customers.

Greater Brand Awareness and Business Reputation

When you ensure that your callers have a way to leave a message, or get transferred to a live operator at any time, day or night, you will increase your brand awareness and your business reputation. Customer service, support, and the user experience are paramount to ensuring a positive business reputation. In today’s competitive climate, reputation is everything to helping you get more, qualified leads and turn those leads into sales.

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The AnswerFirst Difference

  • Pay As You Go with No Contracts

    You pay a small monthly base rate to keep your account active, but then only pay for what you use on a per minute basis.  No contract or long-term commitments required. Cancel at any time.

  • 24/7/365 Omni-channel Support

    Modern day customers choose to contact businesses via various methods. AnswerFirst’s omni-channel support handles customers’ calls, text, emails, web chats, social media inquiries and faxes seamlessly and efficiently.

  • Simple & Affordable Pricing

    Our simple 1 Rate Plan means that you pay as you go only for what you use (no unused calls or minutes). We bill in one second increments (no 1 minute rounding).

  • Dedication to Customer Service

    When you partner with AnswerFirst your clients are provided with excellent 24/7/365 live customer service and so are you. Don’t believe us? Check out our online reviews!

What else can our Voicemail Services do?

We offer a Voicemail Service that is personalized to our clients’ business needs and their callers’ expectations. We offer clients the ability to change their voicemail messages and workflows quickly and easily via our complimentary online web portal, Client Web Access. There’s no need for administrative involvement or in-house receptionist support to tweak, optimize, or make changes in our messaging system.

Our voicemail systems are designed to make it not only convenient for the customer but convenient for our clients, too.

  • It’s easy to transfer calls to and from different departments, making messaging procedures easier, and more efficient.
  • Our systems are designed to send business voicemails to whatever devices our clients prefer. Being able to listen to messages quickly enables them to remember scheduled meetings and other important business-related functions better, keeping them informed and up-to-date.

AnswerFirst Voicemail Services are an excellent alternative to email or fax system for business communication. Everyone can benefit from convenient, straightforward, and tailored voicemail services – callers, employees, and business owners.

It’s an excellent tool for improving business reputation and customer satisfaction rates.

We’ve been in the customer service and support industry for more than twenty years.

Our dedicated and proficient customer service representatives have been recognized for their outstanding excellence in the support sphere by the Tampa Business Journal and the Tampa Bay Times. AnswerFirst has also been recognized as one a certified Best Place to Work.

Why? Because we understand how to make people feel important, valued, and heard. Our unique perspective on the user experience enables us to provide clients with an excellent live answer and voicemail system integration that is designed to exceed customer expectations.

If you don’t think having a live person answer your phones is the right choice for you, AnswerFirst Voicemail Services is the solution for your unique needs.

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