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Live Transfer (Call Patching)

Closeup Portrait Of A Smiling Woman Operator Of A Call Center.isWe regularly live transfer new consultation calls and urgent calls to many types of professionals during all hours of the day.

Most often, calls live transferred during business hours are calls that generate new revenue.

When a call comes in that meets your requirements to be patched, one of our Customer Service Representatives will take the caller’s name (and a phone number or any other information if desired) then politely place your client on hold. They will then call you on a separate line, and transfer the call once you’ve answered and confirmed that you are available.

Live transfer protocols determine where or to whom a call is transferred.

You can change these protocols at any time by contacting your Account Representative or by utilizing our free client portal, Client Web Access.

Are you expecting a call from a particular vendor or client that you want patched to your cell phone??  Just update your live transfer protocols and the call will be handled according to your most recent specifications.

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