Restoration, Construction & Cleaning Answering Service

Our Customer Service Professionals are standing by 24/7/365 to provide the fastest response time possible.

It’s easy to drop to the bottom of insurance adjusters’ lists if you can’t handle their incoming calls immediately.

We are available around the clock because we know there is never a good time for disaster to strike.

Live operators are standing by ready to assist property owners, managers, insurance adjusters or anyone who needs assistance 24/7/365. We understand the importance of fast response times and partnering with AnswerFirst will ensure you have the tools to exceed industry response standards.

We believe the only way to stay on top is to provide a 24/7 immediate response and one way to do so is with the help of a 24/7 live answering service.

We also understand the importance of handling calls, directly from homeowners, looking to remedy problems such water, smoke or fire damage.

Our Customer Service Professionals serve the needs of your callers in a way that represents your commitment to quality and customer service.

Answering Service for Cleaning & Restoration Services
  • When Disaster Strikes Will You Be Ready?

    Natural disasters and other unforeseen emergencies like fire or burst pipes don’t always occur during business hours. Stay competitive 24/7 in your industry by using our contact center services, around the clock.
  • Call Transfers

    Expecting a call from an important client or customer? Need to make sure you take it directly? You’ll definitely want to find an answering service partner which can transfer calls to you automatically, to make sure you never miss out on important client communications.
  • True 24/7/365 Availability

    Your customers should be able to contact you anytime – and that includes nights, weekends, and holidays. Make sure you choose an outsourced partner with 24/7/365 staff availability, as this will help enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Are You Missing Jobs?

    When disaster strikes and damage occurs, your customers expect a fast, professional response. Knowing that an average Water-Fire-Mold-Bio-hazard call can result in a $3,800 job, timing is everything.

    Typically callers will keep dialing until they reach a live person who can assure them help is on the way. Since 1998 AnswerFirst has been that professional, compassionate voice on the line.

  • Escalation Services

    In some cases, your answering service won’t be able to satisfactorily resolve an issue, so there should be an escalation and transfer system, which will allow a customer to speak with a supervisor, or contact one of your staff members directly.
    This helps to ensure that they will have their issue resolved with just a single communication.

Our contact center software integrates seamlessly with the software you’re already using!

Experience The AnswerFirst Difference

  • Pay As You Go with No Contracts

    You pay a small monthly base rate to keep your account active, but then only pay for what you use on a per minute basis.  No contract or long-term commitments required. Cancel at any time.
  • Simple & Affordable Pricing

    Our simple 1 Rate Plan means that you pay as you go only for what you use (no unused calls or minutes). We bill in one second increments (no 1 minute rounding).

  • 24/7/365 Omni-channel Support

    Modern day customers choose to contact businesses via various methods. AnswerFirst’s omni-channel support handles customers’ calls, text, emails, web chats, social media inquiries and faxes seamlessly and efficiently.
  • Dedication to Customer Service

    When you partner with AnswerFirst your clients are provided with excellent 24/7/365 live customer service and so are you. Don’t believe us? Check out our online reviews!

You’ll Love Our Features And Pricing

100% U.S. Based

No Overseas Call Centers

Our Customer Service Professionals are all U.S. based.

Volume Discounts

Your Rate Decreases As Usage Increases

You are always billed at the lowest rate possible – automatically.

True 24/7/365 Service

No Hidden Fees For 24/7 Coverage

No additional charges for after-hours, weekend and holiday service.

One Second Billing

True One Second Billing

No rounding up to the nearest minute – pay only for what you use.

Trusted by Thousands Of Businesses

Benefits of Using AnswerFirst

  • Keep Your Phone Lines Open

    Stop your employees from tying up your business phone lines with call outs and H.R. related questions and issues. Let our trained Customer Service Professionals handle it for you!
  • Pay As You Go with No Contracts

    You pay a small monthly base rate to keep your account active, but then only pay for what you use on a per minute basis.  No contract or long-term commitments required. Cancel at any time.
  • Customize Your Account

    Want certain personnel to be notified when calls are sent from elevators we are monitoring?  You decide how messages are delivered and who receives them.
  • True 24/7/365 Service

    Our U.S. based agents are available 24/7 including weekends and holidays.  No additional charges for after-hours, weekend and holiday service.  Our Customer Service Professionals are always available when you need them.
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