Free Services Included with AnswerFirst Answering ServiceMultiple payment options:  No deposit required and no additional fees assessed for choosing to pay with credit card, debit card, or ACH checking. Security deposits are only a possibility if applying for credit terms.

Forwarding telephone number in your area:  We always provide you with a forwarding number in an area code where you never pay long distance for sending your calls to us; this number may not be in your area code (usually is) but it will be local.

Forwarding email address:  Should you ever want us to handle inbound email communications for you, similar to how we handle telephone calls for you, we provide you with an email address for copying/forwarding your emails to us. In fact, we are upgrading soon to make handling your inbound emails more efficient than ever!

Multiple message delivery options:  We do not charge you extra for choosing multiple message delivery options.

3 simultaneous talk paths:  Even if you only have one telephone line, once you forward your line to us, we can take 3 calls simultaneously from that single forwarded telephone line. The only exception would be if you chose to conference your lines to us through a PBX phone system instead of forwarding.

Secure real-time online access to:

  • Messages: View your messages anytime from any internet connection.
  • Call recordings: Listen to all of your un-screened call recordings for quality control.
  • Call detail reports: View your calls and how they were dispatched.
  • Call statistics: Find out what we did, when we did it, and how long it took.
  • Total usage: Do the math and calculate your current charges.

All of these options and features come standard and are covered by our low access fee of $20 per billing cycle. As we continue to grow and evolve, value-added service for our client partners remains the focus of our vision: A healthy world filled with happy people enjoying exceptional customer care.