Live Agent Answering ServiceProspective clients often ask me if their calls are guaranteed to be answered by a live person every time.

The answer to that question is yes and no.

Yes, because a live person will be answering your calls.  No, because if a Customer Service Professional is not available to take your call by the 5th ring an automated announcement will greet your caller and inform him or her that he or she has reached your place of business, and will be transferred to the next available live agent.  This happens with any answering service or contact center when call volume peaks (during close of business in each time zone, major weather events, etc.)

It is especially valuable for businesses that use the “busy – no answer” or “enhanced forwarding” options for forwarding their calls to us to understand the way this aspect of our service works. For example, clients with “busy – no answer” will often program their phone lines to ring 3 times in their offices before the calls ring to us at the answering service. If a client informs us that they are using this forwarding configuration, we will actually reduce the ring count on our end to 2 or 3 in order to ensure that their calls are answered in a timely manner. We switched to this method of answering many years ago because we were able to determine through testing that it reduced our call abandon rate to less than a few percent.

Statistics show that if someone is trying to reach a business and the phone rings 5 or more times that most callers will hang up wondering if the line is working properly or if the business even exists.

If you would like to learn more about our answering service and contact center solutions, please give me a call on my direct line 813-636-3975.  I am happy to explain the way we do things and why we often do things differently than most other services in our industry.