Disaster Preparedness & Business Contingency

Disaster Preparedness & Business Contingency 2016-11-03T13:38:21+00:00

Avoid Downtime By Planning Today

Disaster Planning is Important for Most BusinessesWhat would you do if your phone lines went down today?

What if a natural disaster affects your area?

Working through the unexpected, successfully, is simple if you have a plan in place.

For less than $250 a year, you can arrange to have your calls redirected to AnswerFirst anytime 24/7/365 in the event of an outage.  All you would need to do is contact your phone service provider and provide them with the unique forwarding number we maintain solely for your company. Let our Customer Service Professionals act as your emergency communications go-between for your employees and even your customers.

Our call center’s unique ability to convert your calls into another type of communication (i.e. text message, email, secure messages) is key in an emergency when phone, electric or internet infrastructures are down.

Our live Customer Service Professionals are standing by 24/7 and are able to react to your needs as well as the needs of your clients and employees.”

Learn more about how our call center can help you with a business contingency plan in the event of an emergency by giving one of our sales associates a call today. And remember to TEST your contingency plans regularly. The best laid plans are worthless if they do not function as needed when a real emergency arises.

Looking for more information?

Contact us today at 1-800-645-2616 or fill out our online request for more information and we’ll send you our pricing and plans packet today!