Worried about patch fees?  No worries!

Here is a tip on how to avoid patch fees by properly programming your PBX in conjunction with our answering service.

Using PBX Phone to Avoid Patch FeesIf you have a PBX phone system, simply have the forwarding switch (your hosted PBX) conference your calls to AnswerFirst instead of forwarding them to us; this way the inbound caller uses a channel or SIP trunk, and the conference to AnswerFirst uses a second channel or trunk. When AnswerFirst needs to patch the caller to one of your associates, since your PBX is still conferencing the call (still listening for feature tone commands), AnswerFirst can then issue some feature tone commands (e.g. pressing ## for a blind transfer or *2 for an attended transfer).  The call will then be transferred to the appropriate party from your PBX, and end the channel to AnswerFirst.  Since this functionality is all handled by your switch, AnswerFirst doesn’t charge for the patching portion of the call; your switch is doing all the work. We just need to know what the feature codes are, and the extensions and/or numbers to which we are connecting.

This is a very simple feature that most PBX switches support just depending on how it’s configured and how your account is setup. We have many clients using this type of setup and they are very happy with it. Just ask your IT/Phone technician to program it and voila!

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