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At AnswerFirst, it’s our Customer Service Professionals’ first priority to give our clients’ callers the best experience.

But how do we ensure that we are making your callers happy? In this post, we explore some tips for efficient and effective front-line call handling that will leave the people who call your business feeling content and satisfied.

Ask Direct Questions

Asking a direct question about the caller’s needs is an efficient way to assist them and maintain call control. This approach will allow you to quickly understand what the caller needs and how you can best help them. Make sure to actively listen to their responses and script for potential follow-up questions to clarify their needs.

For example, if asking the direct question, “Are you calling for service today?” If the caller answers, “Yes,” we can script for a follow-up question such as, “Do you need service right away or are you just wanting to get something scheduled?”

Alternatively, if the caller says, “No,” we can move on to questions designed for a non-service related call. This approach is an efficient way to separate service calls from non-service calls while also separating routine calls from urgent ones.

Provide Easy Access to Information

Providing easy access to information that allows you to answer commonly asked questions is a key part of effective customer service. Make sure to have important information readily available, such as office hours, mailing address, contact information, types of law practiced or services the company offers, etc.. This will save both you and the caller time and frustration.

Offer an Option to Schedule a Return Call

Offering an option to schedule a return call using a simple calendar app like Calendly is a great way to provide flexibility and convenience for the caller. This approach allows them to choose a time that works best for them and avoids the frustration of waiting on hold. Most times the same calendar you may already share on your website can be used by your answering service or call center for scheduling.

Have Escalation Protocols in Place for After Hours Service

Having escalation protocols in place for after-hours service is crucial to ensure that callers requiring immediate service can be escalated to on-call personnel. These escalation steps will help to address urgent issues promptly and ensure that the caller’s needs are met in a timely and efficient manner.

Make sure to have clear and concise instructions for after-hours service, including, what issues to escalate, contact information for on-call personnel, and a process for escalating urgent issues. By having escalation protocols in place, you can provide excellent customer service and make callers happy even in urgent, often stressful situations.

Utilize Web Hooks for CRM and Ticketing Systems

Entering a caller’s information into your CRM or ticketing system via a webhook or API integration offers several advantages over the traditional manual entry process and results in a far more efficient and effective way to streamline the customer service process.

This method not only reduces human errors and saves time, but it can also trigger additional, immediate communications to the caller that may provide needed information or other self-service options thus really improving the customer experience.

Use Closing Phrases

Closing phrases are important because they set a good expectation for the caller as to what will happen next. For instance, “I will be escalating this information to the X department”, or “You can expect a call from someone by the next business day” are commonly used.

Other times closing phrases may include “Is there anything else I can help you with today?” and “Thank you for calling. Have a great day!” These phrases show callers that you care about their needs and are committed to providing them with excellent service and resolutions.

In conclusion, making happy callers requires efficient and effective customer service.

By asking direct questions, using closing phrases, providing easy access to information, offering an option to schedule a return call, and utilizing web hooks for CRM and ticketing systems, you can ensure that your callers are satisfied with their experience. Remember, the key to happy callers is excellent customer service.

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