Angry man holding phone

Customer service can be a rewarding opportunity for employees and those of answering service companies.

Most times, the experiences with customers are great.

However, when dealing with angry customers on customer service calls, there is a level of frustration that must be controlled. That frustration level rises when customers yell about an issue, especially when you don’t have any control over the situation.

Rest assured, during your time as a customer service professional, there will be plenty of moments when customers will test your mettle. How these calls and issues are handled can either lead to a successful resolution and a possible long-term customer or an extremely disastrous situation.  

Although these times can be extremely challenging, they don’t have to be overwhelming. The best practice to address moments with angry customers is to create a plan of action.

However, the imperative portion of the process is to understand both sides of the situation. Always remember, a customer service professional is the initial contact any customer has with a company. As a customer service professional, this could mean whether a company continues to use the call center’s services.

Here are some tips on how to speak with angry customers on customer service calls.

  • First, you must listen. Don’t try to diffuse the situation, just hear what the customer has to say. Most times, they just want to vent. Many times, they start apologizing after getting it all out.
  • Then, when it’s your turn to speak, remember to smile. Studies have shown, that even when you smile while speaking on the phone, it presents a softer and more considerate side. In-person, your demeanor will be well-received.
  • Sometimes, when angry customers lose control of their anger, it’s only natural to react in a similar manner. Remember, as a professional, it’s necessary to be the better person. Adding empathy for your customer and then working to do whatever you can to help them is your next step.
  • During the conversation, sensing when the time is right and apologizing on behalf of the company will help them. An apology doesn’t mean that you agree with the customer. It simply means that you sincerely care about the customer’s needs.

At AnswerFirst, we have skilled professionals who are experienced in dealing with the difficult conversations of frustrated and angry customers.

AnswerFirst understands that working to solve the situation with a positive solution can mean creating a customer for life. Let us be the first point of contact for your business when you are not able to. 

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