businesswoman typing an emailOur call center service provides live answering for your inbound phone calls but what about inbound email monitoring?

Who is servicing those individuals’ needs when you are not in the office? In today’s competitive business market, providing immediate customer service responses is imperative. Just as we process your after-hours phone calls, giving your clients the satisfaction of an immediate response, we can reply to your inbound emails using the custom protocols that you provide our Customer Service Professionals.

By integrating our inbound email processing service, you can raise your level of service beyond expectations.

How does it work?

We will provide you with a unique AnswerFirst email address. All you need to do is set up your customer service email inquiries to copy us at the email address provided.

You can set your protocols such that we handle all of your inbound emails 24/7. Or we can set up your account to simply ignore these inquiries while your staff handles them during business hours. No more after-hours emails sitting until morning. Instead, we can reply for you using your protocols.

We can even follow up with outbound phone calls as you deem it to be necessary!

Common Uses of Our Inbound Email Services:

  • Alarm Notifications – Set your servers, networks, scheduled jobs, tasks, appliances or other electronics to email us alarms or failure notifications. Then we triage the notifications and dispatch or notify according to your instructions.
  • Dispatch On-call from Web Form Submissions – Route your web form submissions for repair requests, sales inquiries, appointment requests, and more. We’ll dispatch the requests to your team members in the manner you specify.
  • Manually Entered Trouble Tickets – Do your clients create trouble tickets on your website or via email? Send those emails to us and we’ll process them as we would a call. This includes dispatching issues to your on-call techs. Another option is to have your customers call trouble tickets into us. Then our Customer Service Professionals submit the tickets through your website and we receive, process and dispatch the support request from your website.
  • Confirm Receipt of Email Delivery – You can specify that outbound emails to you (or other contacts on your account) require confirmation; usually, clients use a simple phrase like “received” to let us know they’ve received our emails.  If we do not receive a confirmation message then we escalate and call the appropriate account contact.
  • Follow-Ups & Confirmations – You can email us information for calls that you want us to make including follow-ups, appointment confirmations, and more. After that, we will schedule the outbound calls.
  • Order Entry – Send us copies of your website orders and we’ll notify the appropriate parties. This ensures that the fulfillment process has begun.  If web orders fail or your online shopping cart is abandoned, we can be alerted via email. Then we can attempt to contact your customers to assist them in finishing the ordering process.
  • Triage and Take Action – We are able to triage inbound corporate emails and web form submissions. We are looking for, acting on and responding to anything that might require immediate attention. Sales leads, emergencies, improperly routed emails, and more can all be dealt with using the protocols that you specify in a timely and efficient manner.

Looking for more information?

Contact us today at 1-800-645-2616 or fill out our online request for more information and we’ll send you our pricing and plans packet today!

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