Customer Service ExperienceWhen we talk about customer service in our weekly staff meetings, we typically discuss what we expect from the companies we do business with as individuals.

Doesn’t it make sense to gauge the level of service that we provide our clients by the level of service we expect to receive as customers of other businesses?  It’s probably not surprising that most of us have the same ideas about how to define good customer service – we all want prompt and exceptional service delivered by courteous and happy people.

Take a moment to define what it takes for a business to retain you as a customer.

Are unanswered emails and phone calls acceptable to you?  Will you continue to call the same business multiple times regarding the same issue and still feel good about doing business with them?  Do you enjoy having to “chase someone down” in order to get an issue handled?

Also, what happens when you don’t receive the level of customer service that you think you deserve?  Most of us will take our business somewhere else.  Considering that the cost of getting a new customer is nearly ten times that of retaining one, keeping current customers happy should be a priority for all businesses.  And, providing exceptional customer service should be an integral piece of any customer retention plan.

Now, consider whether or not you provide a customer service experience that lives up to your own standards.

Does the customer service that your business provides meet or exceed what you expect of the companies with which you do business?  Do you resolve issues as timely and as fairly as you expect issues to be resolved for you?  If not, why?  Also, why do you expect a particular level of service, but don’t feel it’s important to provide it yourself?

By answering these simple questions, you can identify your definition of exceptional customer service and also begin to explore the areas in which you need to improve the customer service experience that your business provides.  When you’re ready, give me a call so we can talk about the various services that AnswerFirst can provide to help your business offer a customer service experience that not only meets your expectations, but those of your customers as well.