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Flat-Rate vs. Pay As You Go Call Center & Answering Service Pricing

Pay As You Go Billing

Answering Service Rate PlanPay As You Go billing is the easiest and most efficient way to spend your dollar with a call center or answering service; especially if many of your calls generate revenue.

With AnswerFirst you pay a low base rate each billing cycle, much like an access fee.

The base rate provides 24/7 access to our Customer Service Professionals, a unique local forwarding number and a secure web portal through which instantaneous account information is available. Also, your base rate might include minutes depending on which plan you choose.

The low base rate is your monthly financial commitment; after that you pay-as-you-go and only for what you actually use.

Our per-minute rate is billed in one second increments (no rounding to the next minute).  Our Pay As You Go billing method bills additional minutes at your current per minute rate until your volume increases to the next tier and then you’re billed an even lower per minute rate.

Flat Rate Billing

Flat Rate vs Usage Answering ServiceMany answering services and call centers require you to buy a packaged bundle of calls or minutes and then bill you significantly more per minute if you go over your plan’s allotted minutes.  That’s why we’ve always offered a zero minute plan that is truly a Pay As You Go option.

Call plans that are sold as “packages” or “blocks” of minutes can be a great option for businesses that know how many minutes they expect to use each billing cycle.

If you know that your business will need no less than a particular amount of minutes per month, then choosing a plan can actually save you money because most call centers are willing to offer you lower per minute rates when you commit to a certain number of minutes per month.

However, if you decide to buy a plan that commits you to a certain number of minutes make sure that you don’t pay ridiculous “overage” fees if you end up using more minutes than are included in your plan.  If you choose one of our call center plans that includes minutes and you go over your plan’s minutes then you are charged at the same per minute rate as your initial package or even less when your volume increases significantly.

It is wise with call plans to determine exactly what a call or a minute is defined as.

Is it only for inbound calls or both inbound and outbound calls? If a call center is billing you for minutes, do they round up? If the call center e-mails or text messages your message to you, are these considered calls? What about a fax? Is that a call?

Knowing the exact definition of “a call” is paramount to understanding what you will be billed. A low rate per call can quickly become very expensive if everything is considered a call (inbound calls, outbound calls, e-mails, faxes, text messages, digital paging, alpha pages, etc.)

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