What Our Customers Are Saying

How often do you experience amazing customer service? We breathe a sigh of relief when the person we reach, is able and willing to help. Almost immediately, every concern or issue you had prior to your call or visit vanishes, and your focus is now on the fact that your problem (or pain point) has all but vanished, and you can go on with life.

If you are the customer you realize how rare that is now. What should be the norm, has become the exception. And this is an opportunity for your business to stand out. To shine. To make customers ambassadors of not only your product or service, but your people.

Talk to your customers

Have real conversations with as many customers as you can – just human to human. Your goal is to establish a relationship and a partnership.

Make sure you take the time to understand

Pay attention to the details. When a customer is telling you their issue, give them your full attention and really hear what they’re telling you. As a customer, we all just want to be heard. We want to know that you ‘feel our pain’. Don’t dismiss them or interrupt. Let them get it all out before you attempt to solve the problem. You may miss important information and further the problem rather than reach a solution.

Take care of them

Everything you do in your customer outreach effort needs to be practical from your customer’s perspective. Make sure your action steps are useful to your customer. Keep your customer as your main focus.

Know when to Lose the Script

It’s not just about following a script. They are useful tools that can lead the Customer Service Professional in the most effective direction to get the issue resolved. But, there are are times when the scripted answers work, and there are times a customer needs to know that on the ‘other side’ of the phone or counter, is a human who understands their perspective and addresses them as a person. This makes your conversation more personal and enables you to better connect with your customer.

It also tells your customer you’re willing to be accountable for helping them.

Remember one thing

Your customer service is personal; it reflects your brand and mission. Your Customer Service Professionals are your ‘front line’ and connect with the consumer more than anyone else. Your goal is not just to create a customer; it is to cultivate an ambassador who also creates more customers.

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