What better way to start your day than with an angry customer screaming in the phone at you? It can set you off for the rest of the day, if not your whole week.

The best solution for handling angry customer scenarios is to let someone else deal with them, as long as the person who is dealing with them does so properly. Hiring an answering service or virtual assistant to handle your calls is just good business sense.

Angry man holding phone

There are many advantages to using an answering service and dealing with angry customers is definitely one of them. Here we will show you some ways to avoid losing customers because they are upset.

1. They’re a Real Person

The first thing to set an angry customer off is getting an impersonal answering machine or mechanical voice. When people are mad, they really like to shout at people.

The answering service will have a live person to respond to your customer and that may calm them down. Plus, when someone is calling to complain and get an answering machine, they are less likely to call back and may just find a different company.

2. They’re Trained and Experienced

In many cases, the staff at the answering service spend a great deal of their time dealing with angry customers. It is what makes them professional, as they are trained how to deal with customers and say the proper thing to defuse the situation.

They receive professional training to deal with someone who is angry and know what to say to calm them down. The staff has keywords and phrases to use and they go that extra mile to make sure you don’t lose the customer.

3. They Don’t Take It Personally

They are able to remain calm because it is their job to listen to people complain. They know it is not about them, and they understand that people get upset.

They can answer the calls and remain calm while allowing the customer to vent. They are experienced and understand that aspect of the job.

4. They Have Your Information

They will be able to talk to the customer about your business and about their specific complaint. They have all your information for your business and that way the customer doesn’t know they are talking to an answering service.

It makes it more personal, and it is important that the customer feels like they are being heard. If they think they are talking directly to someone at the company, it will help them feel heard and can calm them quickly.

5. After Hours Availability

You can have service around the clock if you need it. It can be very frustrating for customers to have to wait until the next morning to complain about a service or product. The longer the wait, the worse the problem becomes.

Instant satisfaction, even just shouting at someone on the phone can help calm the situation down. If something is needed right away, waiting until morning may well cost you the customer.

6. Keep Complaints to a Minimum

Some people love to complain. Mostly, they don’t mean any harm, they just want to be heard.

When people are upset and feel like they have been let down, they tend to head straight to social media. They start complaining and can start posting bad reviews.

These can cause a lot of damage and spread like wildfire. You have no idea how many potential customers will see this and look elsewhere for their service or products.

Using the answering service will help stop that, and may even turn it all around. The angry customer may not get exactly what they need, but they will be heard and that can really go a long way to avoiding the online bashing and complaints.

7. They’ll Get Back to You

You can receive any and all information you need from these types of calls right away. You can set up a text, a phone call or an email. This way, you can get back to the customer personally and handle the complaint yourself.

It can mean avoiding the loss of a customer and the loss of potential customers by finding out what is going on or if there is a problem that needs to be dealt with right away.

8. There Are Options

The answering service provides options for you and for your customer. Here they are.


Because the person answering your phone has all your business information, they have the opportunity to offer some choices to the customer. They can tell the customer they are sorry that this is happening to them and that is often enough to settle them down.

They can offer a few solutions to the customer to help solve the problem and this way the customer feels like they matter and feel like they have been heard.


You have the option of having your email answered or forwarded, your calls answered and messages sent to you through ways of your choosing and professional, friendly staff to handle your calls when you are too busy.

Angry Customer Scenarios

The truth is that they are always going to exist. You can please everyone but there is no reason to lose customers over a small complaint. Very often, the situation just calls for a calm person on the other end of the phone.

The answering service is very helpful, especially if you are busy trying to run the business. Customers like to be heard and often just getting someone on the phone who will listen is all that is needed.

It’s very frustrating to reach a machine when you really want to vent. Being heard by an actual caring person takes the sting out of the situation. The answering service makes sure that happens, every time.

Keep Them Coming Back

You didn’t start your business to make people upset and of course, you want to handle the situation professionally and expertly. That’s why you need to use an answering service to handle your communications.

You are busy trying to build the company and your customers are that company. Keep them happy and keep them coming back. It’s just a fact of business life that some people will be unhappy, but it doesn’t have to end there.

Please contact us for more information and to talk about how we can best help your business and your customers. You run your business, our business is to handle angry customer scenarios.