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When given the choice between 4 types of customer service interactions the results from Forrester data were eye-opening. The choices were a virtual agent, web self-service, online chat, and voice assistance. Of the 7,000+ customers surveyed 69% found the highest satisfaction when assisted by a live agent.

That’s quite significant. And a big reason why service-oriented businesses still need a customer service call center.

Let’s talk about the benefits of using live call center professionals.

Increase Appointment Scheduling

Are you in the business of providing services for customers? Then you understand the importance of being able to connect with them right when they need help.

Ask yourself this: What happens when a call center schedules one more than normal appointment a day? Does that cover my cost? Most likely your answer is yes.

A missed call is a missed opportunity, and that affects your bottom line.

Provide Helpful Answer to Inquiries

It’s not an effective use of time (or money) to have salespeople fielding customer service calls.

Your inbound call center agents are trained specifically to handle the issues of your business.

You have the assurance that the answers to your customers’ questions are informative. Most importantly, the answers are correct. Providing detailed answers is important for developing a relationship with customers — new or repeat.

Strengthen Customer Satisfaction

Every company has to deal with unhappy customers at some point. The manner in which these issues are handled can make or break a reputation.

A customer service call center trained to take on this sometimes difficult task is an asset to any company.

Customer service representatives need to remain courteous at all times. They need to stay calm in the face of anger. They don’t allow rudeness to bother them. The ability to diffuse a hostile customer is priceless.

And when handled correctly, these customers often become your biggest fans.

A Customer Service Call Center is 24/7

Doctors, lawyers, dentists, plumbers. These are only a few of the services needed at any time during the day or night. Are you available to potential customers in an emergency?

The same Forrester survey from above reports that customers want issues resolved fast. 82% say this is the number one defining factor for great customer service.

This ties in directly to the last benefit.

Great Customer Service Effects ROI

The bottom line to any service-oriented business is keeping customers happy.

You’ve heard the adage about it costing more to get a new customer than it does to keep a current client. Yet many companies fail to put as much time into the latter.

If you’re on the fence about the idea, read this research report about the importance of loyal customers. The study found that a 5% increase in customer retention directly affected profits. Depending on the industry, profits increased anywhere from 25% – 95%.

A professional call center gives you that invaluable touchpoint for increased customer retention and increased profits.

You Make the Call

Customers are the backbone of any company. Companies that focus on offering the best service to those customers set themselves apart from the competition.

A customer service call center allows you the ability to provide the best experience for your customers.

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