Friendly Customer Service Agent In Call Centre

Figuring out how to offer quality customer service takes up a lot of mental real estate for companies. Real estate that could be better used creating products and streamlining production.

The Harvard Business Review found that the single largest drop off in customer satisfaction was customer service offerings. Not because the offering themselves were bad, but because they weren’t centralized.

Creating one strong central channel for customer service retains customers. Call centers which offer a holistic experience with a single point of contact proved effective. Those with several different departments stacking on top of each other proved faulty.

Get better customer service by outsourcing to a dedicated call center that can handle multiple departments in a single unit.

Achieving Quality Customer Service

Outsourcing to a call center has a bunch of benefits. The largest benefit comes from the ability for an inbound call center to offer multiple data sources. Sources that normally go through different departments get pushed through a central filter.

This proves to be both cost-effective and to help avoid dissatisfaction. No more information getting lost switching through multiple contacts.

Quality customer service comes from a skilled call center employee being able to address multiple issues within one call. Agents taking careful notes which can be shared through CRM software keep contact with customer service seamless.

Too often a company has to fracture its information and technical departments to keep systems running.

This creates a lack of central processing, so to speak. By getting a call center to rejoin the middle, the customer is able to get what they want from all aspects of a business. The business gets to have one face that customers interact with.

The Personal Touch

Call centers can also offer quality customer service through personalized interaction. Call centers provide a sympathetic ear.

Too often businesses focus on addressing issues of the customer and problems that may need to be fixed in an account. This sounds effective but leaves customers feeling more like numbers.

Having distance from a company provides a “with them in the trenches” feel. This helps customers to feel like they are heard and their needs are being met. This avoids customers feeling momentarily appeased but not addressed.

Positive reinforcement through training for the call representatives brings an upbeat attitude to dealing with problems. Show customers that the company is helping. That they aren’t simply cleaning up a mistake.

In this way, customer service becomes customer outreach and advertising all in one.

Wait Times

Call centers reduce the time between a customer issuing a complaint and their problem being addressed. Long wait times, either on the phone, or days after an email asks for a response, frustrates customers.

Call centers provide faster responses. In addition, the experience can more holistically approach customer concerns. This creates a great return on the customer relationship.

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