We received a call from a chiropractor in Maryland who is very organized and had been successfully growing his practice, without any office help, for over a year.

Appointment scheduling on computerUntil one day he realized that his calendar was not reflecting the number of new clients to whom he was being referred. As it turns out his success had him spending most of his days actually applying his trade, leaving smaller and smaller window of time to schedule his patients. The appointments were there to be made, they just weren’t being made timely any longer.

He mulled over the prospect of hiring a receptionist and did an online search. That search led him to our website’s Virtual Receptionist information page. It had not occurred to him that a call center could offer him a viable solution. How would they be able to know the days and times he was available? What would prohibit a service from double-booking? Would they know about reschedules/cancellations fast enough?

Instead of continuing to wonder, he decided to call.

We were able to recommend a web-based scheduling solution, owned and maintained by him, that not only allowed him and our operators the ability to book appointments online, but also allowed his returning clients to book online themselves.

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In doing so, we were not only able to provide a cost effective scheduling solution for the chiropractor, but a time saving, convenient way for his clients to book their appointments without ever having to call or wait for a call back.