Elevator Phone Monitoring

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Our Elevator Answering Service provides a direct connection from your elevator to our call center.

Elevator Monitoring Services

If you have an elevator in your building, an immediate and helpful response is required when someone picks up the emergency handset or pushes the “call” button.

Your elevator service company can program the unique, toll-free phone number we provide into your elevator dialer, so that our Customer Service Professionals are standing by 24/7/365 to answer and dispatch your emergency elevator calls.

AnswerFirst Customer Service Professionals are trained to handle calls from distressed callers in a prompt and professional manner.

Our Customer Service Professionals take control of emergency calls and comfort distressed callers while quickly gathering the information they need to get callers help as soon as possible.  Our Customer Service Professionals will utilize the contact information and instructions that you provide so that emergencies are escalated to your specifications.

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