24/7 Inbound Contact Center

AnswerFirst’s Inbound Contact Center is U.S. based Call Center Service that allows you to provide 24/7 support to your customers. We do more than just answer phone calls.

We Are More Than Just A Call Center

Unlike a regular Call Center, which receives requests only by telephone, an Inbound Contact Center handles inbound customer communication over multiple channels including:

  • Telephone
  • Web Chat
  • Email
  • Messaging Apps
  • Social Media
  • SMS or Text
  • Fax

Contact Centers use various types of advanced technology to help resolve customer issues quickly, to track customer engagements, and to capture interaction and performance data.

AnswerFirst is an Inbound Contact Center, with a Call Center beginning.

However, by utilizing all communication channels and implementing omni-channel support, AnswerFirst has established a firm foothold in the contact center industry.

Our Reviews Show How We’re Different

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4.8 Stars - Based on 316 User Reviews

  • Jesse P. Grote Avatar

    I have been using them for about a month for my property management business and they have been great. The operators are courteous and professional. My business has been running smoother with them!

    Jesse P. Grote
  • Steven Kollander Avatar

    I had been with another answering service for twenty years prior to signing up with you. They don't even hold a candle to you. You are great.

    Steven Kollander
  • Gabrielle Short Avatar

    Our client support specialist, Aimee, addresses our questions and concerns immediately. We've been impressed with the wonderful customer service offered by Answer First!

    Gabrielle Short
  • tracy lobertini Avatar

    We are very pleased with the service we have received. The entire team at Answer First has been delightful. We are a small business and do not have a full time weekend staff. This solution allows us to provide service to our clients and callers without the expense of having to staff the office on weekends.

    tracy lobertini
  • All About You Avatar

    As an event management company who is always on the go, it is important to ensure the phone lines are covered. Answer First handles all of our calls so that we never miss a clients call. Thank you for the great service!

    All About You
  • Matt Lentz Avatar

    AnswerFirst has been absolutely fantastic to work with! Professional, courteous, and very detail oriented. I'd highly recommend Aimee and her team!

    Matt Lentz
  • David Harris Avatar

    I have used this company for nearly a decade. They are honest, reliable, provide excellent service, and always strive to do even better. Highly recommend AnswerFirst!

    David Harris
  • rpmp Avatar

    Honestly, could not ask for more! They are the best answering service we have ever had and priced extremely fair!

  • Teri Bennett Avatar

    We have been using AF for a few years now and we love working w/them. They customized our account to fit our special needs from day 1. They respond immediately to any issues and ALWAYS follow through to make sure we are happy w/our service. The staff is professional and we could not ask for better service.

    Teri Bennett

Be Available to Your Customers 24/7/365

AnswerFirst call center services are the perfect compliment for small or large businesses who find the cost of providing in-house 24/7 live support prohibitive.

Whether your needs are as simple as collecting important personal and product information from your callers on a sparse per order basis or as demanding as sales and support for a nationwide advertising campaign, our Customer Service Professionals can field calls transparently as though they work directly for your company.

We specialize in combining various services to deliver custom-tailored contact center solutions.

In most cases, we can integrate directly from your CRM, e-commerce solution or trouble ticketing system and even provide information using your FAQs and knowledge-base.

Our 24/7 Inbound Call Center Services Include:

AnswerFirst Customer Service Is Industry Leading

When you partner with AnswerFirst your clients are not just provided the excellent 24/7 live service, but YOU too are receiving that same level of service, which in turn, ultimately gets you immediate results.

Woman dressed professionally smiling with thumbs up

How We Help Businesses Grow

  • Reduce Costs

    Setting up a contact center requires major investments in facilities, equipment, operations and staffing. Offsite call centers like AnswerFirst allow these costs to be spread across many clients, who benefit by paying for services only as needed and on a per-minute basis.

    Outsourcers can also “share” agents with multiple clients. The “shared-agent” approach reduces idle time and can deliver a lower cost-per-call rate for clients.

  • Flexibility And Scalability

    Call volumes rise and fall, so an in-house call or contact center is at the mercy of periods of low volumes, when agents are idle. Contact centers, such as AnswerFirst benefit from multiple clients, which helps reduce the severity of call volume peaks and valleys.

    Agents can work more efficiently, and managers can schedule staff more effectively, helping reduce costs-per-call. Also, outsourced call & contact centers have the size and staff to ramp up quickly if call volumes spike due to seasonal activity or major marketing campaigns.

research icon, analyze business linear sign isolated on white background vector illustration eps10. Financial business growth of profit sign. Analyse budget diagram solid icon. Inforgaphic symbol
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  • Adaptability

    In contrast to in-house agents, who are typically trained to handle a specific product or service, AnswerFirst agents are trained to handle a variety of clients’ processes. Because of this, we can quickly adapt to different call scenarios and present ourselves as “call managers.”

    Take these kinds of skills and you truly can make effective, multichannel connections that lead to satisfied, repeat customers.

  • Service And Support 24/7/365

    All customers would love to pick up a phone, send an email or jump into a web chat session and reach a live customer service representative at any time of the day, any day of the week. But that kind of around-the-clock availability isn’t a realistic in-house option for most organizations.

    Contact centers like AnswerFirst, with customer support professionals spread around the country can deliver service that “follows the sun”–and at a much lower cost compared to in-house.

You’ll Love Our Features And Pricing

100% U.S. Based

No Overseas Call Centers

Our Customer Service Professionals are all U.S. based.

Volume Discounts

Your Rate Decreases As Usage Increases

You are always billed at the lowest rate possible – automatically.

True 24/7/365 Service

No Hidden Fees For 24/7 Coverage

No additional charges for after-hours, weekend and holiday service.

One Second Billing

True One Second Billing

No rounding up to the nearest minute – pay only for what you use.

Our contact center software integrates seamlessly with the software you’re already using!

Benefits of Using Our 24/7 Contact Center Solutions

  • True 24/7/365 Service

    Our U.S. based Customer Service Professionals are available 24/7 including weekends and holidays.  No additional charges for after-hours, weekend and holiday service.  Our Customer Service Professionals are always available when you need them.

  • Pay As You Go with No Contracts

    You pay a small monthly base rate to keep your account active, but then only pay for what you use on a per minute basis.  No contract or long-term commitments required. Cancel at any time.

  • Simple & Affordable Pricing

    Our simple 1 Rate Plan means that you pay as you go only for what you use (no unused calls or minutes). We bill in one second increments (no 1 minute rounding).

  • Dedication to Customer Service

    When you partner with AnswerFirst your clients are provided with excellent 24/7/365 live customer service and so are you.

Download AnswerFirst Pricing & Info Packet

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We Have Hundreds Of Five Star Google Reviews

  • After having dealt with for prior answering service companies, it was a pleasure working with this team through our transition. AnswerFirst accommodated our needs precisely and worked with us to make sure that we got what we wanted. The onboarding process was also very organized and methodical. So far our daily experiences with the company are very good, and we have found the operators to be very professional and friendly sounding. So far very happy customer!

    Gary Sippin Avatar
    Gary S.

    I have researched and found this organization to be respectable. I have talked to a long-time employee who couldn't speak more highly of AnswerFirst. I would like very much to be associated with AnswerFirst and have begun the application process, which I find is very straightforward and rigorous. I look forward, if hired, to use my people skills to listen to and problem solve for their callers.

    Edward & Rebeca Gallegos Avatar
    Edward &.

    Answer First is not only a cost effective option, but, their service is wonderful! We needed to make a change on account and they acted in a timely manner, helping us save additional money! I was amazed that they placed us on waiting list for number and made the change without us following up. Great change of pace from the usual companies out there. I would definitely recommend. A special mention of our rep, Crystal Peterson. She is great!

  • AnswerFirst provides 24/7 answering service with friendly, helpful assistance to my clients. I receive a phone message via my cell & email w/in 1 min of a client calling & all the information is correct (name/phone/subject matter). I wish I had been using AnswerFirst since I started my business 2 years ago. I actually save money and get accurate & efficient information for a fraction of the cost of having a full-time receptionist. The service is awesome!

    Katherine Lewis Avatar
    Katherine L.

    Incredible services rendered. I would absolutely recommend Answer First.

    Bellport Branding Avatar
    Bellport B.

    I have used this company for nearly a decade. They are honest, reliable, provide excellent service, and always strive to do even better. Highly recommend AnswerFirst!

    David Harris Avatar
    David H.
  • So far so good!! Great service and very responsive

    Steve Brandt Avatar
    Steve B.

    I have been using them for about a month for my property management business and they have been great. The operators are courteous and professional. My business has been running smoother with them!

    Jesse P. Grote Avatar
    Jesse P.

    Great service !! I should hired them years ago to answer all my business call. It saves me on overhead and time.

    Victor Belman Avatar
    Victor B.

What Are Contact Center Solutions?

Contat Center Operator

Contact center solutions are services provided by call centers. These services allow businesses to operate as efficiently as possible at all times.

There are many different services that can be outsourced to contact centers including: message taking, customer service, voicemail, and much more. These solutions can save businesses money while also improving the level of service these businesses provide to their customers.

Top Quality Customer Service

One of the best contact center solutions that you can take advantage of for your business is customer service outsourcing. The quality of the customer support you provide is important to the growth of your brand.

The right contact center partner can help you take great care of your customers!

Many businesses cannot afford to operate a 24/7 in-house contact center which makes it seem that offering 24/7 customer care isn’t possible. However, a reputable contact centers can make offering round-the-clock support to your customers an affordable option.

By utilizing 24/7 customer service solutions, you make your business available to your customers any time of day or night. Every customer who communicates with your business will receive assistance from a trained and knowledgeable professional regardless of when a customer support inquiry is initiated.

If you want your customers to be able to get the help they need without having to wait for regular business hours, contact center solutions have a lot to offer.

Outsourcing Customer Service: Let Someone Else Do the Work For You

Contact center solutions offer businesses a way to handle customer service, business communications and other business processes without having to worry about doing any of the actual work.

This decrease in workload allows businesses to allocate their time and resources more effectively. Even small businesses that have a single receptionist can utilize phone answering services so that their receptionist can focus on filing important papers or other administrative tasks.

Sales Solutions: Stop Missing Revenue Generating Calls

Contact center solutions can increase sales. By hiring qualified professionals to receive sales calls and to perform order entry tasks, you ensure that there is always someone to handle these revenue generating calls.

Your sales team can focus their attention on more complex orders or larger accounts because the smaller and simpler are covered. Additionally, you might focus your sales reps on creating new relationships and outbound sales techniques that can grow your business.

Business Process Outsourcing: Inbound Contact Centers Can Help

Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is a full suite of services from inventory management and payment processing to social media monitoring and customer care.  Contact centers have the technology and infrastructures required to securely streamline many common business processes.

Outsourcing these processes improves efficiency, reduces costs and frequently improves the processes themselves.

Many Contact Centers Offer Cloud Solutions

Internet-based or cloud-based solutions are another great reason to work with a qualified contact center.

Access documents, contacts or your messages from anywhere that you have internet access. Most modern day call centers offer cloud-based solutions that give you and your staff mobility.

Detailed Analytics: Learn About Your Customers

Contact centers typically offer detailed analytics that you can use to improve your business in a noticeable way. These details come from the many interactions between customers and contact center agents.

You will be able to boost your number of sales with the real-time reports, customer surveys and other information that you receive from one of these businesses. When you take the time to go through this information, you will most likely find numerous ways to strengthen your approach to getting sales and taking care of your customers.

A Direct Route to Help: Provide Amazing Customer Service

You will find that quality contact center solutions will provide each of your customers with a direct route to getting the help they need when they need it. One of the most annoying things to encounter as a customer of any business is not being able to speak with a real person when you have a problem or question.

These services will ensure that all of your customers will get the assistance they need quickly and efficiently, so they don’t get frustrated waiting a long time. This in turn will greatly improve how your customers view your business as a whole. The happier your customers are, the more loyal they will be.

Multi-Channel Support

Who says a contact center has to be just a phone number that people can call?

Many contact centers can provide your company with numerous customer support options, including live chat, email and SMS.

These days it is very important that you offer multiple ways of customers to get the help they need. A full and versatile contact center will benefit your business in many different ways. When you make sure that your customers’ needs are taken care of, they will feel more comfortable with giving you their business over and over.

Common Misconceptions About Contact Centers

There are a few common misconceptions associated with contact center solutions that you will need to know about before making a decision. A lot of people seem to believe that these services are always unreliable, and that is simply not the case. The truth is that there are many reliable and trustworthy businesses that provide these services.

Another misconception about contact center solutions is that they are extremely costly. In reality, outsourcing your call center needs can save you a lot of money over time. Running an in-house contact center can be ridiculously expensive, and not everyone can afford it. If you want to remain within your budget, this option is ideal. Not all businesses that offer these services charge the same amount, but there are plenty of affordable options available.

Many people also believe that they need to lock themselves into long contracts to get the call center solutions they require. A majority of these businesses offer pay-as-you-go options, so you won’t have to make a commitment of any kind. You can feel free to cancel the serve anytime you want without having to worry about facing any penalties.

Ready to learn what AnswerFirst can do for your business?