To Discount or Not to Discount?Sometimes potential clients ask me to discount our services or our set-up fees as an incentive for them to do business with us.

I won’t say that I’ve never offered a reduced rate to a potential client because there are times when it makes sense to do so.  However, it’s very rare that I am willing to budge on price and I’ve got several reasons for this mentality.  Instead of explaining myself, I’m going to share a few emails that were exchanged between me and a potential client.

From the client:

Hi Teri,

Any way  you can waive the set up fee for us?  I am deciding between you and another company both about the same price (except they have no set up fee).  I like what you said better and I am prepared to start with you if you can do that.  Let me know.

Thank you,

Andre S.

My response:

Our rates and fees are competitive for the level of service we offer. You like what I say better and that is added value over the other service that you’re considering. So, rather than devalue our service, or our agents, by manipulating you into choosing AnswerFirst, I will stand by my original proposal for service and my word that we are worth it. It is a firm belief around here that if we are nothing but a line item on your expense report, that our partnership is doomed from the start. 
Should you choose AnswerFirst, I want it to be because you see the value and the difference we can make for your business, not because I had our Account Coordinator work for free to build your account. Thank you for getting back to me this morning. Regardless of the choice you make, I look forward to hearing from you again.

Andre signed up for service with AnswerFirst that day and is still an AnswerFirst partner.

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Teri Erickson

Business Development Coordinator at AnswerFirst
I hope you found this article helpful, if you have any questions you can contact me on my direct line at AnswerFirst: 813-636-3975. If I don’t provide our potential clients with top-notch customer service from day 1, then why should they trust my company to provide their clients with the same?