Does it matter who answers your business line if the person answering does not know why he or she is answering?

Why Are You Answering the Phones?Whether you are a receptionist or a contact center agent, gathering names, numbers, and messages are not difficult tasks. However, does successfully completing these tasks give callers the feeling that they matter and that their issues are being handled??

In my experience selling contact center services, I am regularly asked what we do and what are the different ways we can do it. I’ve also often been asked what sets us apart from other services, but I’ve never been asked why we have taken on the responsibility of being a contact center.

When asked what we do, I first must ask potential clients what they intend to have us accomplish for them by having our agents answer their calls.”

From there I can tell them what would be the best way for us to go about it, but does that give them the reason why they need us? When asked what sets us apart from other services, I have a myriad of reasons why I think we are better. However, I find that my answer usually leans towards describing the superiority of our agents.

Why are our agents superior??

Is it AnswerFirst’s requirement of previous telephone customer service experience? Is it the intense and continued training procedures and quality testing we administer? Probably not, since nearly every professional contact center boasts quality training and testing. In this competitive economic environment, does this question beg a deeper answer?

So, why are AnswerFirst agents really superior?

I believe it is because our agents know that AnswerFirst cares about more than just profits; our organization cares about its employees, its client partners, their callers and the world in which we all live! As a result, AnswerFirst agents care and work everyday to be as helpful as possible; because they are connecting people with answers … with a purpose.