It only makes sense that 74% of people who have a good interaction with a company will still be customers a year later.

And to the same effect, you’ll lose over half of them if there’s bad communication.

View of a Young attractive woman working in a call center

While it’s never too late to undergo customer service training, we highly recommend implementing that culture from the very beginning. A quality customer service representative can mean the difference between a loyal customer and one who is turned away forever by poor behavior.

Do you want to turn away your clients because you did everything right but one thing: properly train your employees? Something as simple as an understanding attitude and a friendly demeanor can mean as much as the reputation of your business.

Your customers want to connect with someone who is personal, sympathetic, and informative. Why is this so important?

Let’s see how.

How Customer Service Training Grows Your Business

The best way we can describe the necessity of this style of training: put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What would they want? What would you want in the same situation?

Empathize with the Customer

Have you ever ordered something, spent days or weeks waiting for its shipment in the mail, anticipated the happy moment of opening the box, only to find that whatever was inside was wrong, damaged, didn’t fit, or just was not what you expected?

That’s a sucky moment. Even worse? When you phone their call center and receive an angry, unhelpful service agent that you caught at the end of their shift and is having a really bad day.

Invest the time in your employees before this situation ever happens. Teach them the ins and outs of your company, its mission, and the way it should interact with the world. Give an incentive for professional behavior.

Dedicated Training Equals Dedicated Customers

It’s the bottom line.

No customer should receive the lackluster, short-end-of-the-stick at the day’s end. A dedicated customer service agent can answer inquiries informatively, schedule appointments smoothly, and strengthen overall customer satisfaction.

Aren’t your customers the #1 thing? Without them, where would your business be? The answer is obvious.

88% of people are influenced by customer reviews, whether good or bad; make sure you’re getting good ones. Spend the time before each hire to put your team or individuals through thorough training while encouraging them to remain personable and honest. If not, you’re at risk of losing serious customers.

Improve Your Business Today

If you’ve already realized the importance of customer service training, good for you! If not, it’s okay. It’s never too late to start getting your team on board. Once there, make it a solid foundation to continue to build your company from.

It’s actually pretty easy. From listening better to maintaining a professional demeanor to creating an easy avenue for feedback, the core rules of customer service are rooted in understanding and openness.

Don’t spend the time building a complex business only to have it crumble for something so simple.

Know what being a good customer service agent entails, and hire people specifically tailored to fit those positions. Smiling faces, helpful personalities, and the like.

Got any more customer service tips for us? We’d love to hear them!