Have you ever thought about the benefits of incorporating voice mail with your live operator services?

Using Voice Mail with Your Live Operator ServicesUtilizing voice mail in conjunction with your live operator services can save you money and reduce hold times.

There are several ways to configure an integration between voice mail and your live operator services, but here are the two most common ways:

  • Configure your live answering service account so that our Customer Service Professionals (CSPs) answer your calls during normal business hours.  After normal business hours, a voice mail advising that your office is closed is configured to automatically answer incoming calls.  The voice mail prompts callers to press a digit if they have an urgent issue or to stay on the line to leave a voice mail to receive a return call the next business day.  If the caller presses a digit for an urgent issue, then he or she is transferred to the next available CSP who will handle the call according to the appropriate script on your account.
  • Another popular configuration is to always have our CSPs answer your incoming calls, but each caller is given the option to leave a voice mail message or to have the CSP take a message.  If the caller prefers to leave a voice mail message, the CSP then transfers the caller to the voice mail system.  Messages left in our voice mail system can be sent as .wav files directly to your preferred email address for listening at your convenience.

Integrating the use of voice mail with your live operator services reduces your callers’ hold times, gives your callers options, reduces your AnswerFirst invoices and voice mail messages tend to be more detailed than messages taken by our CSPs.

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