Have you already taken the first steps to utilizing social media for your business? Opening accounts on the right social media sites and scheduling effective posts go a long way. However, there’s so much more to social media than this.

Many customers will go to your social media to voice comments and concerns, as well as to ask questions and post reviews. For this reason, using social media for customer service has become increasingly important.

In fact, 70% of customers have sought customer service help through social media before. Without a strong customer service aspect to your social media, you may be leaving your customers with unanswered questions or unresolved problems.

Do you want to know how to use social media for customer service?

Keep reading for our complete guide.

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Answer Questions

With the growing convivence of social media, many customers prefer to ask questions on social media.

If you fail to offer timely and helpful answers, you may lose many potential customers who will then seek answers from a competitor. Customers who have questions about a product they already purchased may become increasingly frustrated in the lack of help they are receiving.

Even if your email and phone customer service are excellent, lacking in social media customer service will leave many customers believing that your customer service is bad. Proper social media customer care is now expected by most customers.

However, answering any and all questions in a timely manner will show that you care about your customers (and potential customers) to keep them happy and coming back for repeat business.

Build Relationships

One of the best parts of social media is that you can build relationships with your customers.

Social media gives you a chance to hear what your customers are really saying. Both positive and negative comments should be responded to in order to let your customers see that you value them.

When crafting proper responses, be sure to make each response unique. This may take more time, but constantly using the same old response will make your page look robotic and repetitive.

Instead, strive to cater every response to the comment or complaint in question. Your clients will see that they are getting personalized service and appreciate your excellent communication skills.

Look at Reviews

Using customer service for social can do so much more than just addressing problems and answering questions. Social media is a great way to keep track of how your customers really feel about your products.

Many customers choose to leave reviews on a company’s Facebook page. By including this as an option in your company’s Facebook page, you’ll be able to see how your company ranks on a scale of 1-5 stars at any given time. Along with your rating, you can see real reviews left by your customers.

You can use this to your advantage by compiling a list of the most common complaints so you know what you need to improve on. Don’t forget to listen to what your customers love about your products, too! Nothing frustrates customers more than when you put out new products but don’t include their favorite feature.

Using Social Media for Customer Service

Posting on your social media sites is a great start to utilizing social media for your business. However, it’s not enough to just have social media anymore. It’s now an important customer service tool.

When using social media for customer service, you should be sure to answer all questions, build relationships with customers, and listen to your reviews.

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