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Since its invention, the telephone has played a major role in business relationships and transactions. Even today, most shoppers still want to have a direct conversation with the seller. A phone call is usually the easiest way to accomplish this goal and win the customers’ trust. Often, with repeat customers, a simple email or two will be sufficient, because of an already established relationship. However, prospects need more personalization.

The following three suggestions will help you win the trust of prospects by using the telephone.

Easy access to speak with a human. Most owners share the same goal of having great customer service. By providing a human to answer calls, prospects will begin to realize the personalized touch. Also, with someone to answer phones, some future business deals will not be lost to voicemail. Most callers want to speak with someone and really hate leaving voicemail. Several recent studies show that many callers simply hang up.

If your business is not set up with enough employees to have someone dedicated to answering the phone, you can still improve your company’s personalization and appeal to customers by hiring an answering service, like AnswerFirst. AnswerFirst’s trained staff will help you build trust faster with present customers and prospects.

Return Your Calls While Out of the Office. Many owners agree that to build a long-term relationship with a client is to have quick and polite customer service. So, whether you have an employee answering your calls or a hired answering service, the importance of getting back to clients is crucial. So, it’s best to have the service or employee forwarding messages to you when you are away from the office.

The best part about returning calls quickly, when you are on the road, is that you get to talk with the customer before they call someone else. And yes, your sales team will have a better chance of converting them into paying customers.

Become a source of contact during an emergency. Keeping your phone with you at all times, or having an after-hours service, means you can be available to help a prospect in an emergency. Many times these prospects may have looked at your website, read your blog and even visited your store and established a small level of trust for your company. Now, when they are in the middle of an emergency, your name is the first they remember. If you handle their emergencies with a prompt response and viable solution, you will be the only number on their speed dial.

Yes, the internet has become a place where a tremendous amount of business transactions is completed. However, there is a lot to be said for having that personalized human touch. With a service like AnswerFirst for daytime and after hours, a dedicated employee and keeping your phone with you at all times, you can convert more prospects into long-term loyal customers.

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