Every quarter we send a newsletter to our clients informing them of current company events, pending changes, and most importantly, value added services.

Overwhelmed man standing in mail falling from skyOne quarter, we decided to spotlight our inbound email handling service.

Soon after the newsletter was sent we got a response from a long-time client who explained to us that more and more of the customers were reaching out to them via email for support, product inquiries, and even sales questions. Answering all the emails had become just as time consuming as fielding the phone calls was many years ago when they turned to us for help.

Once again, we brought a solution to the table. We set them up with an inbound email account and an email address to which they could forward their emails. Through programming and customized canned responses, we are able to respond to common questions, vet information to the proper staff members, and respond instantly to customers that their requests are received and being handled.

Our client has found a new solution that provides a great experience for the customers while allowing the staff to remain focused on product development and sales.