Working With An Answering Service

Working with an answering service for the first time can be a bit cumbersome for some businesses; this is especially true for businesses that require more than just basic message taking services.

Here are some tips for working with your answering service to get the best results:

  • Be completely open and specific about what you are looking for from both your client and the answering service.  What information do you want from your callers and what information should the answering service be able to provide?
  • Be open to suggestions about how things would work better for all involved.  A qualified answering service will be able to provide valuable guidance that will help reduce call times and provide a superior customer experience for your callers.
  • Make sure you have an introduction to the call to set expectations:
    • Does your introduction match the pathway for your call?
    • Does your answering service have enough information about your company so that the call can run smoothly?
    • If you get a lot of calls regarding a certain service or for specific pricing, is that provided to help field out the call types?
  • Make sure you have a conclusion (closing) to your call that explains what will happen next:
    • How will the caller receive a response? (i.e. email, call back, etc.)
    • Who will be returning the call?
    • When should the caller expect a response? (i.e. next business day, 24 hours, etc)
  • Make test calls to ensure that your account is configured correctly.  This will give you an opportunity to confirm if your needs or preferences were translated properly and any tweaks or changes that need to be made can be completed prior to forwarding your lines.

Finally, always treat your answering service like an extension of your business and keep the lines of communication open.

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