I was talking with our Client Loyalty Manager today about how to explain the value of our services to existing clients that call in because they are uncomfortable with the amount that they’ve been billed.

The Value of an Answering ServiceShe had an interesting response that is worth sharing:

It is a common practice when we are talking to clients, who want to cancel or are concerned about costs, for us to break it down in to weekly and daily costs. For instance, I just spoke to a client yesterday who was saying that she could not afford a $300.00 bill each month.  I asked her to think of it this way:

This month, you paid $75.00 per week for our services.  So, you are paying $10.71 per day to have staff working for you, and you are only paying for the time they are actively working since we only charge you when we actually take your calls, answer your emails, etc.  If you hired an employee to handle these tasks for you and you paid him/her minimum wage at $7.75 per hour to work 8 hours per day, you would be paying, at a minimum, $62.00 a day for that employee with no guarantee that they are actually working every minute of the work day.

So, it’s best practice to break down the cost of services versus the cost of procuring an employee so that clients get a realistic view of the cost comparison.  The value of our services is hard to ignore when these numbers are considered.

That’s a great way of bringing a better understanding to our clients about the value we truly bring to the table.  Put simply, we shift the burden of hiring and maintaining employees on ourselves, while making it more affordable for our clients to operate their businesses.