In the past, I’ve blogged about the importance of transparency when working with an answering service, but today I want to discuss the actual tool we provide to our partners that delivers account transparency as well as another valuable account feature that’s on the horizon.

Online Account Access with Your Contact CenterWhen you become an AnswerFirst partner you are asked to create a username and password for Client Web Access (CWA).  CWA is our secure online portal where you can view your messages and also listen to recordings of every call that rings in on your account.  You can even add your own personal notes to your stored messages and you also have the ability to query and export your call data in .csv format and download this data for your own records.  This access to your account data allows you to determine if your account is truly delivering the results you desire.

In the near future, we will be releasing a new smart phone application.

This new app will give you access to CWA via your mobile device and features an intuitive interface that works seamlessly on any mobile platform.  And, as we continue to develop the app, we will unlock more account features to aid you in communicating with us to manage your account with greater efficiency.  Stay tuned for more on this great new addition!

Offering uncensored and unparalleled access to your contact center account is a priority for us at AnswerFirst.  By providing this level of account transparency we allow our clients to audit their own accounts and the proficiency of our live agents.  Also, as our clients’ businesses evolve, their business communication needs may change; by providing full account access and control, we enable our clients to identify areas where their scripts may be adjusted to better serve their evolving needs.

If you would like a guided tour of all the capabilities of CWA, please give me a call on my direct line: 813-636-3975, and I will happily walk you through our demo account.

Regardless of what contact center or answering service you choose, make sure that you’re provided with complete access to all of your call recordings, messages and account data via a secure web-based interface.  Transparency is crucial.