Group of people volunteering

Heart, charity and serving others is how AnswerFirst Cares wants to partner with the community. Created with a mission to help non-profits fulfill their goals through fundraising and committed volunteers, the organization has opened its arms with a motto ‘Caring for Causes That Matter’.

AnswerFirst Cares was created as a charitable arm of its parent company AnswerFirst Communications with the intent of fulfilling the vision of “a healthy world with happy people.” AnswerFirst Cares also quotes one of America’s most respected U. S. Air Force brigadier generals James Harold Doolittle, “There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.”

To his friends and fellow warriors, the courageous pilot Doolittle, who led raids on Japan in WWII, the Korean War and Cold War, was simply known as Jimmy Doolittle. AnswerFirst Cares chose a strong, but quiet man with a deep love for America and innocent people of the world to model its giving and caring program after. In fact, Doolittle in his later years helped many students receive technical and vocational training. In 1985, Pres. Ronald Reagan promoted him to a four-star general for his service to the country and his life’s work.

AnswerFirst Cares is proud to follow in the footsteps of one of America’s great leaders by forming a bond to help non-profits help many people. If you would like to show you care for causes that matter by helping any of the AnswerFirst Cares’ partners, simply click one of the ‘Donate Now’ buttons throughout the website:

As for the self-deprecating man with a big heart filled with courage and of very few words, Doolittle also had another quote that strikes the hearts of many. “Just try to make the world a better place for your having been here.”