Team working together

According to Global Workplace Analytics, 63 million Americans will work remotely by 2016 –more than a third of the total work force.

While there are many benefits of hiring remote employees, there are also challenges.  Remote employees don’t have the opportunity to pop into a coworker’s office to ask a quick question, or to discuss upcoming company-wide changes over a meal in the lunchroom. In a remote work environment, it takes greater effort to get employees engaged, and make them feel known and understood. 

The majority of AnswerFirst employees work remotely, so it is a priority to keep them connected and engaged.

When a new Customer Service Professional starts with the company, they are on-site for training for two weeks, but after that initial two weeks they perform their job duties from their own home offices.  How does AnswerFirst keep these valuable team members “in the loop” and connected with their coworkers?

As part of our initiative to keep remote employees connected, the Buddy Program was put into place in December of 2015.  Each new remote employee is assigned two types of buddies – a contact center buddy and a back office buddy. The contact center buddy is on-hand to answer immediate questions about answering live calls, working within our answering service platform and providing superior customer service. The back office buddy is in place to answer all company-related questions and to make sure the new remote employee’s experience is positive.

The Buddy Program has already proven to be valuable.  

New AnswerFirst employees have expressed how much they value the additional layer of support beyond their initial two week training. The Buddy Program puts faces with names and makes new team members feel more secure because they know that someone is aways available to answer questions.

Penny Herron, owner of AnswerFirst, took the lead on the Buddy Program and is now implementing a blueprint to guide others. ‘The biggest impact has been communication and building relationships.  This is a FABULOUS program that has had very positive results so far,” said Penny.

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