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At AnswerFirst we do more than answer calls. 

We offer custom communication solutions for all business types. With decades of experience, we understand what you are going through and create tailored customer service experiences – leaving you more time to focus on what you do best… your business. 

Having Trouble Connecting with People? We Have Answers.

Check out some real world examples of how it has worked for others like you!


Summer arrived and a local HVAC owner had become overwhelmed due to years of being the on-call dispatcher for his own companies after-hours service calls. The knowledge that over 60% of his after-hours calls resulted in business deemed it imperative to have a live person answering his phones. He just could not be the one to do it anymore if he was going to focus on the overall success of the business. So, he reached out to AnswerFirst for help.


We recently received a phone call from an attorney in California. She has a burgeoning law practice and is mapping for growth. While weighing the cost of hiring a receptionist and a legal assistant, the attorney was considering hiring just a legal assistant that could also answer the phones. However, in reviewing her current and pending caseload, she knew she would be placing a lot on the plate of the new hire and would not only risk burnout, but would be paying the new employee a legal assistant’s salary, even while he or she was doing the work of a receptionist. So, she reached out to us for help.


On a weekly basis we receive calls from Insurance Brokers, Financial Planners, and other Professional Service Providers, who are using automated voicemail systems to gather messages, when they are working in the field and unavailable to answer their phone calls. Though diligent in returning calls when voicemails are left they become concerned when they see the amount of hang ups they receive from callers that don’t leave messages.


We received a call from a Chiropractor in Maryland. He is very organized and had been successfully growing his practice, without any office help, for over a year. Until one day he realized that, his calendar was not reflecting the number of new clients to which he was being referred. As it turns out, his success had him spending most of his days actually applying his trade, leaving smaller and smaller windows of time with which he could get back to people to get them on the schedule. The appointments were there to be made, they just weren’t being made timely any longer.


We provide offsite receptionist services to hundreds of offices across the country. They simply forward their main line to us during office hours, enabling our Customer Service Professionals to answer their inbound calls under their company name, and either take messages or live transfer callers back over to members of their office staff after screening them. Plus, we answer basic questions such as office hours and directions. All at a fraction of the cost of an in house employee.


An IT company needed to offer their clients 24hr support. With a few rotating on call techs they embarked on offering this service. They soon discovered that their definition of emergency differed from their clients and found sleeping through the night a thing of the past. Often times they were woken up with items that were impossible to resolve until the morning! Exhausted, they reached out for help.


We had a startup business owner contact us, with the idea that all she needed was for someone to answer her phones, and then send her messages. All in an effort to better serve her handful of current clients. What she had not accounted for was the demand, in her line of work, for immediate response. That handful of clients that she was able to land on the ramp up, was acquired largely due to her ability to be the first to answer, when those potential new clients called. It took three messages from potential news, and her subsequent return calls, only to find that those potential news had already spoken with another service provider and signed with them, before she called us and asked us what we could do differently to ensure she never missed the opportunity to speak with a potential new again.


Every quarter we send a newsletter to our client partners, informing them of current company events, pending changes, and most importantly, value added services. One quarter, we decided to spotlight our Inbound Email handling service.


We have a high volume client for whom we started out only taking basic messages. They wanted to sample the service first, before determining how much more we might be able to handle.


When the new HIPAA Omnibus Rule went into effect back in 2013, it effectively deemed the use of SMS text, email, voice or fax as non-compliant methods of transmitting PHI. Even encrypted email was not reliable as there is no guaranteed way to confirm that the encryption matches up on both the sending and receiving side. And without enough case law on the subject, it is just too risky to try any method that is not certifiably HIPAA or HITECH compliant.


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Potential and existing clients that locate your website are either searching for something they need or want … or they’re trying to contact or locate your business. If visitors to your website attempt to contact your business via the phone number on your website, are they sent to voice mail? Are they placed on hold? What happens if they fill out the contact form? Does the email generated by the form land in an inbox somewhere that never gets checked or does your staff fail to follow-up promptly?

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