I have been raving about our shared agent answering service and its benefits for years now.

Benefits of a Shared Receptionist

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Today, everywhere I look I see new blog posts, books and articles about the rise of ‘the sharing economy’ and how it’s affecting the future of the business landscape.  There are many very interesting reads with great messages and accurate depictions of the nature of the world economy today.  I think to myself, great stuff.  Innovative.  Really, I love it.  People are finally catching on to what we have been doing here at AnswerFirst since 1985 – providing an excellent, cost-effective, shared resource to people worldwide.

What is the “sharing economy”?

We live in a world where many of us have resources that sit unused for hours, days or even weeks at a time.  For example, think about how many people own cars yet how little time they actually spend driving them.  Companies like Lyft and Uber are dominating the shared automobile market with their ride sharing telephone apps.  You can access these apps and request a ride from almost anywhere.  The app identifies your location and asks where you want to go – just enter your information and within minutes you have people nearby that are willing to give you a ride for a suggested donation that is typically 25% less than a taxi.

Apps like NextDoor & Yerdle are cornering the tool sharing market.  How many power tools do you own for your home?  How many times each year do you actually use them?  Most of us invest money in our home tool collections to use them only a few times each year.  Using these apps you can put in a request for the type of tools you need and your neighbors and other folks citywide will offer up the use of their tools.  You borrow the tools, do the work and return the tools – all for a fraction of the cost to buy and store the same equipment.

AnswerFirst clients have been sharing resources for years.

Our virtual receptionists stay busy taking our clients’ calls, routing messages, answering emails, dispatching and more.  Our clients only pay when our live agents are actively working on their accounts and all of our live agents are shared by all of our accounts.  Our shared receptionist environment gives all of our accounts 24/7/365 phone and email coverage for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time employee.

Who wants the headache and overhead associated with hiring a full-time receptionist?  Aside from the overhead, there is sick time, vacation time, possible maternity leave, tardiness, turnover, etc.  And when an employee is in the office working for you, how much time do they really spend on the phone?  Unless you have a lot of unskilled work to be done between phone calls, using our receptionists is a more affordable and efficient solution.

Let us worry about the hiring and overhead, you just pay for the actual time our off-site receptionists are actively working for you.

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