Event Planning Virtual Receptionist

The hectic lives of event planners often challenge them with planning and preparing for the next main event. While a planner may be hard at work with a client considering themes, guest interests and agendas, there may be little time to fit in all the demands of a full day. Add the responsibility of scheduling vendors, maintaining customer budgets and organizing details for multiple events in the same week or month, there is very little time for anything else.

Overwhelming is the word that comes to mind!

No matter how big or small the planning company, the need for a support staff that includes clerical help to manage details is imperative. However, for most, especially the smaller companies, hiring a traditional receptionist is just not in the budget or cost effective. However, having a virtual receptionist is an entirely more efficient solution.

Virtual receptionists can screen calls, take messages and are available 24/7. So, whether you are at an event or just receiving a call after hours, that potential client or vendor will be able to communicate with a live person and get a message to you. If there are calls that need your specific touch, the receptionist can forward those directly to you. Even your event attendees can RSVP with your virtual receptionist.

Having a virtual receptionist can now allow your firm to always know exactly which meetings and items are on the calendar. The receptionist can handle all updates and bookings. Even reminders and meeting requests can be sent to your phone’s calendar or text.

What makes a virtual receptionist more cost effective is that there is someone to answer your calls 24/7 with no lunch breaks, sick days, after hours and weekends. Each call is handled with a professional touch to give the best customer care and experience.

Throughout all of the conveniences of having a virtual receptionist help you handle the busy workload of planning events, what still remains as the most important thing is that the owner or firm remains in control of how big or small of a role the virtual receptionist can play. This would eliminate the feeling of someone else coming in to take over. A virtual receptionist’s role is to help you run your company better.

AnswerFirst would like to help you set up a Virtual Receptionist for your firm today. We offer courteous professionals who provide the ultimate in customer care and experience. Please let us help you make your firm’s growth stronger with our service.