We had a startup business owner contact us, with the idea that all she needed was for someone to answer her phones, and then send her messages.

Woman making a call on a cellphone with a credit card in her handAll in an effort to better serve her handful of current clients. What she had not accounted for was the demand for immediate response in her line of work. That handful of clients that she was able to land on the ramp up was acquired largely due to her ability to be the first to answer when those potential new clients called. It took three messages from potential new client, and her subsequent return calls, only to find that those potential new lead had already spoken with another service provider and signed with them. That’s when she called us and asked what we could do differently to ensure she never missed the opportunity to speak with a potential new client again.

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It was an easy adjustment. We reprogrammed her account to automatically direct our operators to ask her callers if they minded holding a moment while we transferred them to the business owner for an immediate consultation. In doing so, our client never missed another opportunity to grow her business. She now has an office in two cities, with two new associates and six employees, and is still growing.