Customer Service Is Giving BackI often hear business owners stating that they feel a sense of responsibility to give back something to the communities in which they operate their businesses.

Giving back to the community is a great service, but this sense of reciprocity should also apply to the customer service these businesses provide.  It would be very difficult to accomplish the goal of “giving back” if the purchasing experience your business provides is not pleasant or the level of customer service you provide does not compliment your company’s benevolent culture.

I recently spoke to a business owner who runs an auto repair business in Los Angeles, CA; he operates two locations in very different socioeconomic parts of the city. As we discussed how AnswerFirst could help him service the after-hour and weekend needs of his customers we stumbled upon the fact that the customers in Brentwood may have different needs than the customers at his original location in Inglewood.

This realization lead us to discuss custom call protocols for callers based on the location that was closest to them.  It was very important for this business owner to provide the type of quality customer service that each caller would expect. When I asked him the reason for this he simply stated that as an auto repair business owner he felt like it was his responsibility to develop relationships with the communities his employees service because providing relationship-oriented customer service experiences is just as important as being philanthropic.  This way of thinking really makes sense to me.  How can your business claim to be supportive of your community when you don’t care enough to provide top-notch customer care?

If you are willing to donate your time and money to your community, then be willing to contribute a customer service experience that rocks.

If your business is looking to extend its unique brand of customer service in your local community or your online community please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your options.