Unleash the power of Intelligent Scripting with an unbeatable toolbox capable of outstanding innovations.

We’ve all been told that Amtelco’s Intelligent Series agent scripting can increase your call center’s accuracy, but how?

Let AnswerFirst’s Professional Services unlock the power in your scripts:

  • Program different scripts for different types of calls
  • Let clients update their own on-call settings instantly
  • Have your script make automatic decisions based on:
    • Type of call
    • Time of day
    • Day of week
    • Date
    • Incoming phone number
    • Zip code
    • Local temperatures
    • Almost anything else… (If you can flowchart it, we can script it)
  • Let the script make intelligent decisions how and where to reach a contact based on their status (at home, at work, on cell, etc)
  • Set-up script links so that operators can see all of a client’s’ staff appears in script with instant full messaging capabilities
  • Import 1000’s of client directory entries in less than 5 minutes
  • Give your clients access to update their script information instantly from their computers or smartphone!
  • Put a client’s frequently asked questions into a simple to use button to make your operators sound more professional
  • Let your clients manage their own directory listings, saving you time and instantly satisfying clients
  • Access client databases directly over the web and incorporate them in scripts so the script is dynamically updated to the latest information when the client makes any changes
  • Dynamically incorporate client data into your scripts, in near real time!
  • Set up holiday modes to tackle those last minute holiday weekend updates weeks or months in advance
  • Automatically send emails, texts, and/or MiSecure messages without tying up an operator.
  • Give your callers dynamically generated google maps driving directions to your clients location.

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Custom Reports

We can also design custom reports for you or your clients. AnswerFirst Professional services can Uncover data Amtelco doesn’t make it easy to find. We can format your reports to be easier to read and understand and more professional looking for your clients.

✓ Create customer reports with exactly the information you need and the graphs and charts to make it easy to understand.

✓ Pull messages or data from across multiple accounts into one comprehensive report.

✓ Report on message processing time from the moment it enters your system through EVERY step it takes.

✓ Export message data &/or report data for your clients to import into their CRM.

The Cloud

AnswerFirst Professional Services can assist you with every step of moving your I.T. to the cloud. Taking advantage of our experience to provides cloud planning and implementation solutions to help you navigate your journey to the cloud. AnswerFirst Professional Cloud Consulting Services are based on implementation best practices and will help minimize risk when navigating the many complexities involved in building and operating a cloud. We can help you stand up and integrate a TAS cloud environment to facilitate your strategic and technical business requirements.


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