Personable Customer Service

Everyone has experienced lackluster customer service at least once; whether it be while inquiring about something or voicing an issue.

In a recent study by the Forester Customer Support Experience Index, only 37% of businesses received a great score. How about the rest of the businesses? The remaining 63% only received an “OK” to “very poor” rating. The study also mentioned that poor and unresponsive customer service led to companies losing more than 83 billion dollars in revenue due to missed leads and lost accounts.

Can your company afford to lose money because of substandard customer service?  Probably not.

Want to Provide Perfect Customer Service? Start By Always Being Personable!

Encourage your support team to become more personable when speaking to prospects and customers. Calls often come when individuals are having problems and need your service/product to solve their issues or when there are issues with your product/service, so these callers are not usually in the happiest of moods. Imagine getting sent to a customer service representative who is trying to get you on and off the phone within a minute, or worse yet, getting sent to a voice recording to leave a message.

You should have someone present to answer calls, always greet politely, listen as someone who cares, and help as best as they can. This is the formula for creating customer experiences that people will be happy with and remember for years to come.

These practices are an investment into your company’s long-term success; creating brand loyalty with each consumer through great customer service experiences.

Are you always available to answer your clients’ calls?

If not, you should look into hiring a professional answering service to help you pick up the calls you don’t have time to answer.

**Updated April 20, 2017