Over 200 call centers were either opened or expanded in 2021 alone. That number sheds light on the fact that businesses, whether they’re in need of extra help with existing customers or need a boost in sales, are turning to the benefits a quality call center can provide.

If you’re thinking about employing a call center to help with your business needs, the first question you’ll have to answer is what you want a call center to do for you.

View of a Young attractive woman working in a call center

Are you looking for outbound or inbound call center services?

An inbound call center provides very different services than an outbound one.  Here are the main differences:

Inbound Call Center

An inbound call center is customer and customer experience focused. If your office is getting calls every day from both customers in need of support or prospective customers interested in learning more about your products, answering all of those calls adequately can be a challenge.

It can mean needing to hire a costly internal team to manage inbound phone calls. It may even mean key people from your small organization taking time away from what they do best to sit on the phone for extended periods of time.

Employing an inbound calling center takes care of that problem. With a call center that specializes in inbound calls, external representatives will professionally field questions on behalf of your business. They will take care of existing customer requests and make sure that only the most important calls make their way to your office.

Outbound Call Center

Where call centers specializing in inbound calls specialize in customers, outbound call centers specialize in marketing or sales. If your business wants to use direct phone contact as a means of drumming up sales leads, you’ll want an outbound call center.

Employing an outbound call center allows for an external agency to acquire customers on your business’ behalf. This approach can be useful if you don’t have the bandwidth to make sales calls yourself.

It’s also good approach if you’re a very small business and you’re worried about using your personal business number to cold call people who may get upset.

Other reasons businesses hire outbound contact centers is to follow-up with existing clients. collect debts or request contributions/donations.

Wrapping Up the Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Call Centers

As you may have surmised, the key difference between inbound and outbound call centers is purpose. If you’re looking to engage with current and interested prospective customers in meaningful ways that will increase retention, you want an inbound center.

If you’re looking to drum up sales leads by cold calling, you’ll want to go with an outbound center.

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