Our People & Brand Promise

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Our People and Brand Promise

Our Vision

AnswerFirst envisions a healthy world filled with happy people enjoying exceptional customer care.

Our Mission

To ensure stakeholder success through sound economic, social and environmental policies, resulting in global growth.

Our Values

Above all we value integrity, respect, accountability and diversity.

AnswerFirst Communications is not just an answering service.

We are your trusted partners.

AnswerFirst Answering Service & Customer Service SolutionsWe are the most qualified firm in the industry to handle all your answering services and help desk needs. We’ll answer your calls with the same care and attention as you, this is our specialty. We provide you with the BEST pricing package and the most professional live operators. We pride ourselves for being as transparent as possible so that our clients are able to review the way we handle their accounts without prejudice.

Our team members are intelligent, professional individuals with passion and the intention to make a difference. We have employees that have been with us for more than 15 years. We take pride in who we are, what we believe and how we conduct ourselves. We are inspired to continually challenge standard protocol; to go above and beyond “the norm” so that everyone who comes in contact with our team members and our organization is impressed by the customer service experiences that we provide. Excellent customer service is what fuels us.

Customer Service Done Right Is The Most Powerful Force In Today’s Business World

AnswerFirst pursues collaborative relationships with clients and partners to understand their businesses and brands. Through team work, our Customer Service Professionals provide customer service solutions to thousands of companies around the globe.

Insight into Human Nature

We believe that great customer service comes from keen insights and excellent service can propel a company’s reputation.

Respect for the Customer

AnswerFirst has long led the way by recognizing that companies are in the hands of consumers and clients, nothing is more important and relevant today.

Respect for Our World

As well-trained communicators, AnswerFirst’s Customer Service Professionals are in a position to use their customer service skills and tools as a force for good. Our goal is to help lift you and your business to a higher level and ultimately represent you as a professional business that cares about its consumers or clients.


“Connecting people with answers … professionally and accurately.”