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Customer service on social media platforms has been an ongoing trend.

Many brands are harnessing the power of social customer service with some of the big players being Southwest Airlines, FedEx, and Tesco.

According to Forrester Consulting, nearly 2/3 of businesses understand that they need to focus on social customer service.

Why bother with customer service on social media platforms? As society has become more social, individuals have been moving from just sharing their frustrations on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, to directly asking companies for help in resolving their issues. Its at this crucial time and public environment that your business should be prompt and aware.

Businesses that aren’t utilizing social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook as support channels are risking their brand integrity. These businesses are missing excellent opportunities to strengthen the connections between their brand and its customers by offering instant empathy and resolution, during real-time broadcasts that are viewable across the World.

One of the most popular questions businesses have isn’t whether they need it, but how they can effectively manage it. The answer is simple, social media monitoring. With that in mind, AnswerFirst begun to utilize intelligent social media monitoring tools to offer clients social customer service solutions on Twitter and Facebook. It was bound to happen, we already managed most communication mediums for clients including phone calls, emails, and text messages.

Our proprietary technology allows our Customer Service Professionals to monitor each tweet, @ mention, message, and comment a company receives. Responses were sent to the client partner within just a few minutes, allowing us to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

Don’t wait until its too late – get started with social media monitoring today!

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