An IT company needed to offer their clients 24-hour support.

24-7 Support - Around the ClockWith a few rotating on-call techs they embarked on offering this service. They soon discovered that their definition of emergency differed from their clients and found sleeping through the night a thing of the past. Often they were woken up with items that were impossible to resolve until the morning! Exhausted, they reached out for help.

We were able to take the phones 24 hours a day. Our operators listened to the callers’ issues, asked qualifying questions and were able to determine the priority level for emergency escalation.

By referencing the company’s supplied on-call schedule, we were able to reach out to the techs for true emergencies and leave the callers feeling that they were receiving the most immediate attention possible for the other issues.

Our client was able to offer the support that was promised and get some rest to focus on solving the problems.