We have a high-volume client for whom we initially took only basic messages. The client wanted to sample the service before determining how much more we might be able to handle.

Graph Showing Productivity IncreasingWithin one week our operators started to notice that many of the callers were calling back, stating that this was their third or fourth call without a return call. Having quickly learned the pain points of the client’s valued customers, we could not sit back and wait for the client to call us. We took action. The account representative got on the phone with the client, explained the situation, and asked what more could be done to help.

Within two days, we adjusted the client account scripting on our end, and the client made us a user with limited permissions in the CRM. It allowed our operators not only to take messages, but also to provide refunds and answer questions about orders.  We now provide one-call resolution wherever possible.

This change has eliminated the need for the client to return over 75% of the calls.

Similar solutions can be applied for E-Commerce companies that need us to place orders for their customers, using their online shopping cart.