Measuring Client Satisfaction

There are a lot of ways to get a measurable look at how your Customer Service Team is doing, but a lot less ways to measure the care and attentiveness being put into your overall customer experience, particularly for a call center.

Here are three questions to answer:

  1. Overall, are your customers’ expectations being met when they talk to your Customer Service Representatives? One of the biggest challenges, and also opportunities, for our Customer Service Professionals is taking a call that starts out with an angry customer, and having the call end with a content customer. At AnswerFirst, our Customer Service Representatives are trained to answer your client’s calls and have many resources and support right at their fingertips. Their focus is always on the client, and let them know that they’re on their side and want to bring them closer to resolution.
  2. Are your customers likely to recommend your service, and your representatives, to their friends and colleagues? This is one of the most important goals for our Customer Service Professionals. We understand that great Customer Service is a part of your brand. In our partnership with our clients, we want the same thing you do – for your customers to recommend the product and service to their friends and colleagues.
  3. How much work do your customers have to do to solve their problems when engaging with your representatives? Our CSP’s are leaders leading leaders. They are trained and empowered to have the confidence to take the lead during a call, and take the pressure off of the customer to reach a solution. The moment your customer is able to take a deep breath; the moment they realize that the person on the other end of the phone is their advocate, and wants to help them – is the moment we all win.

Our Customer Service Professionals are the AnswerFirst difference. Contact us now for more information!