When the new HIPAA Omnibus Rule went into effect in 2013, it effectively deemed the use of SMS, email, voice or fax non-compliant methods of transmitting personal health information.

Confidential Medical Records Protected by HIPAAEven encrypted email was not reliable as there was no guaranteed way to confirm that the encryption matched up on both the sending and receiving side. And without enough case law on the subject, it is just too risky to try any method that is not certifiably HIPAA or HITECH compliant.

We still had our secure Client Web Access dashboard, and while its is a great resource for office use, it is less convenient or accessible on a smartphone.

We had to find a HIPAA and HITECH Compliant App that could expeditiously bring emergency patient and patient related call information to on-call Medical Personnel. Enter MiSecure messaging.

The MiSecure Messaging App allows you to protect your clients, your data and your organization with encrypted messaging while ensuring faster messaging response times.

Learn more here: answerfirst.com/misecure.