Missing leads from your website means losing revenue.

e-commerce imagePotential and existing clients that locate your website are either searching for something they need or want … or they’re trying to contact or locate your business.  If visitors to your website attempt to contact your business via the phone number on your website, are they sent to voice mail? Are they placed on hold?  What happens if they fill out the contact form?  Does the email generated by the form land in an inbox somewhere that never gets checked or does your staff fail to follow-up promptly?

If you’ve invested time and money into creating a web presence then it’s important to have a plan in place for responding to inquiries generated by this presence.

We work with thousands of businesses that use their websites as important pieces of their business models.  From large e-commerce websites to simple single page websites designed to direct visitors to call, we help ensure that these businesses don’t lose leads from their websites.

By utilizing our 24/7 Live Answering Services, often in conjunction with Inbound Email Processing, and/or Live Web Chat Monitoring we provide instant responses to any inquiries and also direct all inquiries as specified.

  • Do you need all customer service issues to be texted to a particular person on your team?
  • Do you need emails that contain product questions to be forwarded to a particular group of people immediately?
  • Do you want to offer a chat solution on your website but don’t have a way to monitor the inquiries that you receive through it?
  • Or maybe you want all calls about a certain product to be live patched directly to your cell phone only during certain hours of the day?

Build your account with specifications that meet your needs and schedule – while also ensuring that your website leads aren’t sent to a dead end when attempting to communicate with your business.

To learn how we can develop a custom solution for your company, talk to one of our Business Development Coordinatorstoday!